MAFS producers ‘furious’ after show’s star misses Today interview

Less than one week into season nine of Married At First Sight and several participants have already been reprimanded by producers for their off-screen behaviour.

A video circulated online after Monday night’s premiere showing grooms Brent Vitiello and Alan ‘Al’ Perkins getting rowdy and spraying champagne while watching themselves on TV at a wild viewing party.

MAFS grooms Brent Vitiello and Alan ‘Al’ Perkins.
MAFS grooms Brent Vitiello and Alan ‘Al’ Perkins have reportedly been reprimanded by the show’s producers after attending a wild viewing party on Monday night. Photos: Channel Nine

Following the incident, a source told Yahoo Lifestyle that the participants who attended the event have since been given “a stern talking to by producers and publicists”.

“They were furious when they saw the footage as it leaves fans questioning how genuine they are with their search for love,” they claimed.


“Bosses are now prohibiting similar gatherings, and insisting nothing is posted to social media that isn't show related - even from their friends' accounts.”

The insider also claimed that Brent was “so rough” the morning after the party and that’s the real reason why he didn’t make it to a scheduled press interview on Today alongside his TV wife Tamara Djordjevic.

MAFS grooms Brent Vitiello and Alan ‘Al’ Perkins getting drunk at a viewing party.
Brent and Al were filmed getting drunk and spraying champagne. Photos: Instagram/thewashonline

The controversial bride appeared solo on the breakfast TV show at 8:30am on Tuesday morning and experienced an awkward on-air moment when the hosts asked her where Brent was.

“Tamara nice to see you, we were hoping your husband would be joining us as well,” Allison Langdon said. “Where is he? He’s missing in action.”

“No, Brent’s having a sleep-in this morning, he wasn’t up for waking up too early,” she replied.

“It’s not that early,” Ally remarked, followed by David Campbell who said, “Please don’t let us inconvenience him!”.

MAFS bride Tamara Djordjevic on Today.
A source has claimed that Brent was ‘too rough’ following the party to attend a scheduled interview on Today with his TV wife Tamara. Photo: Channel Nine

While fans were immediately sceptical of Tamara’s excuse, Yahoo Lifestyle has since obtained photos of Brent in Bondi the morning after his wild night.

The groom was spotted leaving his apartment building to grab some food from McDonald’s, before visiting the gym later on.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Channel Nine for comment.

MAFS groom Brent Vitiello at McDonald's.
Brent was photographed going to McDonald’s following his wild night out when he was meant to be on Today. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

The incident comes shortly after the newly-married couple were photographed together in Sydney following their rocky wedding.

Brent called his wife “a psychopath” during Monday night’s premiere after being judged for his occupation and the way he used his cutlery.

“Tamara is spoilt and pretentious and entitled,” he remarked during his confessional.

Despite their less than flattering first impressions of each other, it appears that the couple may actually make things work as they were photographed holding hands two weeks after filming their wedding in September.

Yahoo Lifestyle obtained pictures of the pair looking loved-up as they arrived to film the first dinner party of the season, which took place at the show's studio warehouse in the Sydney suburb of Lilyfield.

Married At First Sight continues on Channel Nine and 9Now tonight at 7:30pm.

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