MAFS' Tamara reveals the honeymoon moment viewers didn't see on TV

After making a questionable first impression during her wedding to Brent Vitiello earlier this week, Married At First Sight fans saw a very different side to ‘bridezilla’ Tamara Djordjevic on her honeymoon.

The 29-year-old and her new ‘husband’ shared plenty of playful moments during their time together in Shoalhaven, as well as growing a more intimate connection thanks to the infamous Honesty Box.

MAFS' Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic kissing on their honeymoon.
MAFS’ Tamara Djordjevic says there was a moment on the honeymoon she wishes was shown on TV. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle after watching her honeymoon on TV, which involved Brent getting “cheeky” and asking for a kiss, Tamara opened up about feeling so much better than she did following episode one.

“The wedding was an absolute train wreck for me, so watching back the honeymoon was quite funny,” she said.

“Brent and I had lots of laughs and just enjoyed each other's company, got to know each other a bit better. I think I showed my true self a little bit more on the honeymoon.”


Tamara also revealed that there was a major bonding moment viewers didn’t get to see when she and Brent spoke candidly about insecurities.

“So I think it's quite obvious that I'm quite secure in who I am, and it’s come out in the media that I’m arrogant and I think I’m better than other people, which isn’t the case,” she explained.

“I've worked really hard to be happy with who I am and accept myself with my flaws - I know I have lots of flaws. But I suggest this to everybody else: just love who you are and be proud. That's what my parents have brought me up to be.”

MAFS' Tamara Djordjevic on her wedding day.
Tamara says she feels secure in who she is and ‘doesn’t dwell on having insecurities’. Photo: Channel Nine

While she asserted that she feels very confident in herself and “doesn’t dwell on having insecurities”, her TV groom had a different story to tell.

“Brent brought up the fact that in a relationship he self-sabotages because he feels like he's not good enough for whoever he's with. He feels like he doesn't have enough money or he doesn't have enough to support a partner,” Tamara continued.

“So that was a really interesting moment and I wish that was shown, seeing that it was where I sort of took a step back and I was like, ‘Okay, so this man maybe has some insecurities, being around a girl that’s very confident might trigger some of that insecurity in him’… I think that will come to light a little bit more later on.”

With the experiment only just kicking off, Tamara teased that there is still plenty of drama to come this season among the participants.

“The next dinner party is quite interesting,” she said.

“There is a lot of tension between Selin and Anthony... There’s quite a divide in the group from that dinner party.”

Married At First Sight continues on Channel Nine and 9Now Sunday night at 7pm.

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