MAFS spoiler: Leaked photos hint at the first couple to leave

We're only a few episodes in, but it seems as though two couples on Married At First Sight could be set to split up quickly after particularly messy honeymoons.

Things are not looking good for Andrew and Holly, and Anthony and Selin with both couples ending their honeymoons in arguments, with Andrew even leaving a day early.

MAFS Selin and Holly arriving to dinner party
Paparazzi photos may reveal the first couple to leave the MAFS experiment after a very rocky start to their marriages. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

MAFS groom Andrew's brutal honesty box confession

Things seemed as though they were going in the right direction for Holly and Andrew with the pair sleeping together and the bride beginning to believe her groom is her perfect match.

However, the Honesty Box and Andrew's brutal confession changes things dramatically.


Holly asks Andrew if he feels sexual chemistry with her and he tells her he didn't enjoy their time between the sheets, saying he's had one night stands he feels he connected with better than his own wife.

"When we were intimate, you weren't there," he began. "You were not physically there. I didn't feel intimacy, I didn't feel connected to you, so it wasn't enjoyable for me, if I'm being completely honest with you.

"I've had one night stands, where the partner was more into me than you were into me."

MAFS Holly and Anthony eat dinner
While Holly was happy with where her relationship with Andrew was going, he shared that he wasn't sexually attracted to her after sleeping with her. Photo: Nine
Andrew and Holly arrive at dinner party
Andrew and Holly were photographed arriving together in the same car and entering the building alongside each other, suggesting they can rekindle things. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Holly was shocked, calmly telling him that in a relationship she thinks the sex gets better as time goes on.

"The expectation of me sexually, pushes me further away from wanting to do that," she told him. "If you're waiting for perfection, I feel like we'll be waiting a lifetime."

He responded by saying his sex life was very important to him in a relationship, telling her that in his opinion they wouldn't last very long as a couple if the sex was bad.

"If I wanted to just get off, I could just do that by myself," he added.

MAFS couple Selin and Anthony argue on honeymoon

Meanwhile, things seemed even worse for Anthony and Selin. Anthony has been trying to be romantic and bring out Selin's playful side, but she doesn't seem to like any of it.

MAFS Anthony and Selin doing pottery
Anthony tried to be romantic with Selin but each time it ended with an argument. Photo: Nine

During a pottery date, Anthony playfully smears some clay on her face after she did the same to him, quickly triggering an argument.

He then tries to organise a romantic glamping adventure, but things go from bad to worse with Selin telling him she doesn't feel a spark and doesn't think he has what it takes to protect her emotionally or mentally. She adds that she's "not saying he's not a man", but that he "needs a lot of attention" prompting Anthony to walk off.

Overnight, the pair has an even more explosive argument. The following morning, Anthony apologises for using bad language, but Selin refuses to take any responsibility for her part in the fight.

Anthony tells the cameras that Selin has been calling him names such as 'Princess'.

MAFS Anthony and Selin honeymoon argument
Anthony and Selin's final argument came after he apologised for his previous behaviour, but she refused to do the same, leading to the father-of-one to leave a day early. Photo: Nine

"'The next time we get on camera, are you going to have a bit of a cry, have a bit of a boo hoo,'" he recalls her saying, adding she continued like this for some time. "After a while, me being a human being, you can only take so much."

Selin tells the cameras she did say things like, "Smile, princess," adding he called her "a bully".

"The way he reacted, that's definitely not how a man should act," she added.

Twitter users were on Anthony's side with one calling the argument "excruciating to watch", while others suggested Selin was "pushing a lot of toxic masculinity traits".

"Selin calling Anthony princess because he expresses his emotions is sick. Leave the show dude," one user wrote.

Pictures show MAFS couples arriving for first dinner party

But despite both Andrew and Holly, and Anthony and Selin, all looking like they're heading for a quick split, it seems one pair may try and salvage things.

MAFS Selin arrives to dinner party
Selin seen arriving on her own to the first dinner party. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
MAFS Anthony dinner party arrival
Anthony arrived on his own after leaving the honeymoon a day early. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

Yahoo Lifestyle obtained pictures of both couples arriving to film the show's first dinner party of the season on September 22, which will air on TV next week, and there's a glimmer of hope for one.

Andrew and Holly were photographed arriving together in the same car and entering the building alongside each other, suggesting they can rekindle things.

Sadly it's not the same story for Anthony and Selin, who were snapped arriving separately in different cars.

They were both then individually escorted in and out of the building by producers, hinting at big drama.

Married at First Sight continues Sunday at 7pm on Channel Nine and 9Now.

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