'Creepy AF': MAFS groom's 'controlling' former TV appearance resurfaces

Penny Burfitt
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Steve 'married' Mishel on MAFS last night but fans had seen him before. Photo: Nine

Married At First Sight groom Steve made quite a splash last night when he ‘wed’ single mum of two Mishel, but it turns out the 52-year-old has dipped his toe in the world of reality series before.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the dapper barber trying his luck on First Dates back in 2018, and he wasn’t quite the gentleman he seemed last night.

A video emerged online showing Steve matched up with Fiona, a blonde woman who after the date expressed her interest in a second one – a proposition Steve wasn’t having a bar of.

“For me, no I’m not looking for a second date,” Steve he told the camera after date Fiona said she would be keen to ‘see where it went’.

“Look, I had a great time but for me, I just didn’t feel the spark.”

Viewers slam Steve: ‘A d*ck.’

MAFS isn't groom Steve's first reality rodeo. Photo: Seven

It looks like viewers at the time were seriously unimpressed with the future MAFS groom’s appearance on the show, with a flurry of tweets slamming his behaviour.

Most criticism centred on him ‘hogging’ the conversation, barely giving Fiona a moment to join in.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Steve’s performance saw many fans also advising his date to run for the hills, and saw him labelled ‘creepy’.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

Steve found himself in hot water again last night, when he admitted to cheating on a past partner to bride Mishel’s grown children.

Mishel admitted that seven of eight relationships in her past had ended in a cheating scandal, and fled the wedding after learning of her new husband’s past.

While the two patched things up, the latest information on Steve is sparking concern among fans, many pointing to his TV past as a warning.

Steve was open about his First Dates past in an interview with New Idea, saying he had different expectations from the show.

“This is an experiment and some things will work, some things won’t,” he said.

“I’m just looking for somebody that’s super supportive, super understanding and caring.”

Just one episode in, the jury is still out, but the odds aren’t looking good for Steve.

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