MAFS star Susie leaves after lying bust-up

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

No matter how hard they’ve been trying, Married At First Sight intruders Susie and Billy’s relationship is still on struggle street.

Tonight’s MAFS episode featured another major blow-up between the couple, an argument that became so tense that Billy eventually asked Susie to leave.

The heated discussion was based off a tiff earlier at the beach, when Susie called out Billy for telling a white lie about the last time he’d gone surfing.

Married At First Sight’s Susie and her husband Billy were not in a good place during tonight’s episode. Photo: Channel Nine

“You’re upset about me fibbing,” Billy said later when they were on the couch at his home.

“Yeah, because you keep lying,” responded Susie.

“These little white lies keep coming out. How can I believe anything that comes out of your mouth? You’ve kept on doing it.”

“You are very hard to have a relationship with and I’m trying my best, even after I’ve had a week of being belittled and talked to,” Billy then said, before Susie interrupted, “I’m not going to listen to that crap because I don’t believe all of that”.

Susie and Billy had an argument at the beach over lying. Photo: Channel Nine
Billy couldn’t take it any longer and asked Susie to leave. Photo: Channel Nine

Billy then told his wife she hadn’t been following the advice of the show’s experts, and that it was because of her lack of cooperation that the relationship was failing.

“You haven’t listened to what the experts have said with picking all these small things and not compromising whatsoever,” he told her.

But Susie disagreed.

“Billy, I’ve taken on what the experts have said, and since the commitment ceremony I’ve been nothing but fabulous to you and now that happened at the beach,” she said.

Billy insisted the white lies are “not a big deal”, but that’s not how Susie saw it.

Susie left, and now the question is, does she come back? Photo: Channel Nine

“I brought it up because I’m not quiet and a little sook like you,” she remarked.

“You got very defensive, very upset, very agro and walked off. That is why we’re here right now. That’s what happened.

“You acted ridiculously. You can’t take it.”

At this point, Billy had reached his limit.

“I’m so sick of taking everything. I’m really struggling. I’m not budging, I’ve had enough,” he was heard saying in a voiceover.

The pair struggled at the commitment ceremony on Sunday. Photo: Channel Nine

‘Please go, honestly,” he then told Susie. “I really need you to.”

And believe it or not, this was a time Susie agreed with Billy’s request, gladly walking off before us viewers are left with no hint or promise of what happens to the couple next.

Married At First Sight continues at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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