Shock MAFS showdown between expert and 'toxic' bride

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

The Married At First Sight commitment ceremonies are an opportunity for the experts to check in with the couples, and tonight one contestant got a big reality check.

Intruder Susie had a long list of complaints about her husband Billy because he compliments too much and is not ‘manly’ enough, and relationship expert John Aiken called out Susie’s behaviour for what it was, ‘toxic’.

“I’m going to jump in here because I can’t just sit here anymore and hear the way you talk,” John said as Susie and Billy sat on the couch.

Married At First Sight expert John Aiken (L) and contestant Susie Bradley (R). Photo: Channel Nine

“It’s doing my head in. It is toxic, ok?” he continued, before asking, “How are you contributing, Susie, to this relationship breakdown right now?”

“I don’t really know, I just feel like I can’t really… I think because I can’t,” she responded.

“That’s a problem,” said John.

“It’s a problem that you don’t know how you’re contributing to this issue.”

Susie didn’t quite seem to understand where the expert was coming from, as she replied, “I’m contributing by being myself and Billy and I don’t like each other, it would appear”.

Susie had a long list of complaints about her husband Billy. Photo: Channel Nine

“No. Let me give you some feedback,” said John. “Do you think that you’re better than Billy?”

“No, definitely not,” responded Susie.

“Because you talk as though you do see yourself as being better than him,” John then said.

“Here’s what it sounds like. ‘You’re not a man, you got no balls, use your big boy voice’.’ That is contempt that you’re from a level above talking down to him. When you do that, it destroys the bond in the relationship. Do you understand that?

“Cruel put-downs, eye rolling, that’s contempt and that’s what you do.”

According to Susie, she was being blamed for the complete ordeal and didn’t understand why Billy wasn’t being given the same treatment.

Suse didn’t understand why Billy (pictured) wasn’t being given the same treatment. Photo: Channel Nine

“What about what he’s been like to me? You think it’s all great?” Susie asked.

“What I’m saying is what I’m seeing in front of me and hearing in front of me needs to be called out,” was John’s response.

“The reason why we’re really direct and hard with our feedback is because it has to change.”

Will this stern talking to be enough for Susie to change her behaviour?

You can find out when Married At First Sight continues at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

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