MAFS star reveals how long the commitment ceremonies really go for

A former participant spills on what it's really like filming the show

Married At First Sight’s commitment ceremonies are often the most intense episodes of the series where the trio of experts hold the couples accountable for their actions throughout the week and call them out for any bad behaviour.

While viewers only see snippets of the intense conversations on-screen, a former MAFS participant has revealed just how much time each pair actually spends on the couch.

MAFS' Harrison and Bronte.
A former MAFS star has revealed how long the commitment ceremonies really go for. Photo: Channel Nine

“So couples sit on the couch at the commitment ceremony for probably about 40 minutes per couple, sometimes they go to about an hour,” season nine groom Al Perkins tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “All you see is maybe 5-10 minutes each, [but] you're there for a really really long time.

“Sometimes you don’t finish the commitment ceremonies until like 3am, so you're really wrecked afterwards.”


Al adds that despite the late hours, the show looks after the cast “really well” and lets them all sleep in the following day.

“And it’s not just you staying up, it’s the whole production team - cameramen, everybody,” he details. “I remember just looking around at the cameramen and some were sleeping. I felt so sorry for them!”

MAFS’ Al Perkins and Samantha Moitzi.
'Sometimes you don’t finish the commitment ceremonies until like 3am.' Photo: Channel Nine

How long do the dinner parties go for?

This comes after Al told Yahoo Lifestyle that the show’s dinner parties also go for much longer than viewers would assume.

The Love Island star explained that the first part of the night, also known as the ‘cocktail party’, lasts around an hour while all of the couples arrive. Then before moving to the dinner table, the cast spends another hour filming their confessionals with the producers.

“After everyone leaves the room they set up the whole dinner party section with cameras and things like that, and then everyone gets separated and you do your interviews on what just happened,” he shared.

“They’ll probably be like, ‘So who are you going to talk to?’ or ‘Are you going to ask this person these questions?’ and that's when they probably start working out who’s going to sit where. And then they bring you back into the room and then you walk to the dinner table.

“The cocktail party is probably an hour, and then another hour of interviews, and then you go back into that room again and the party goes for probably three, four hours or something… Watching it you think it's just a smooth transition and everyone just walks from one room to the other after the guy clinks his glass and says ‘dinner is served’, but it’s a big time difference.”

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