MAFS' Al Perkins reveals how celebrity boxing match changed his life

The TV groom will be entering the ring in April.

Following in the footsteps of his Married At First Sight co-stars Brent Vitiello and Daniel Holmes, Al Perkins has announced that he’s stepping into the ring for the first time as part of an upcoming celebrity boxing match.

The season nine groom and Love Island star is set to go up against season four MAFS participant Jesse Konstantinoff in April. Meanwhile, fellow MAFS stars Mitch Eynaud and Jack Millar will also appear at the event fighting rugby player Delroy Berryman and Love Island’s Hugh Wilcox, respectively.

MAFS’ Al Perkins.
MAFS’ Al Perkins will be stepping into the ring for a celebrity boxing match. Photo: Instagram/al.perkinss

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about the upcoming match, Al admits he was inspired to enter the ring after watching Brent and Daniel’s fight in October.

“I was like, that's really cool, I want to jump in the ring!” he says. “And I’ve always been into combat sports. I’ve always watched UFC, MMA boxing and things like that.

“I got a call up from Team Ellis Boxing like, ‘Do you want to have a fight?’ and I thought, yeah why not. I’ve done two reality TV shows, my life’s pretty boring now. I just wanna tick boxing off the list.”


The 26-year-old says he recently started training six days a week for the match which has already had a positive impact on his lifestyle.

“It's really good because now that I’m doing boxing it's made me not want to drink, not want to go out, not want to go to events and not want to party,” he reveals. “It's really made me a lot healthier.

“I can definitely see a change in my body, so I do recommend it for anyone out there that wants a lifestyle change.”

'Super grateful'

Al went on to say that his life has “totally changed” in the past year after starring in the ninth season of MAFS and he feels “super grateful”.

“This time last year, I was just a carpenter working,” he reflects. “I remember sort of having a pretty boring life, going out every weekend and getting s**tfaced - I guess that hasn't changed.


“Now it’s been 12 months and I've been on two shows, I’ve got a boxing match in April, and it’s honestly been crazy. I've met so many new people and I’m loving it.

“I remember the first time coming off MAFS getting introduced to all of this, I guess you could call it attention, I was really starstruck by it all. Now I’m used to it, and I see the new Love Island cast in the same position I was in when I came off MAFS and it’s really cute to see.”

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