MAFS' Al reveals unseen medical emergency on the show: 'Embarrassed'

The season nine star shares an awkward moment that didn't make it to air.

Married At First Sight star Al Perkins has shared an insight into what it’s really like filming the reality show at the Sydney apartment hotel SKYE Suites.

The former TV groom, who was paired with Samantha Moitzi on last year’s season, tells Yahoo Lifestyle he found it really difficult sharing such small living quarters with someone he had only just met.

MAFS’ Samantha Moitzi and Al Perkins.
MAFS’ Al Perkins has shared an insight into what it’s like filming the show at SKYE Suites in Sydney. Photo: Channel Nine

It’s so weird because I'm so used to my own space and I’m thrown into an environment where I'm living with someone I don't know,” he says. “And it's not a hotel room, it’s a fricken studio! It’s like a bedroom with a kitchen and a TV right next to the bed.

“And if you have a fight, you have nowhere to go. You can probably go on the balcony and that's about it. That's why there are so many storm outs because there’s no bedroom, it’s just a studio. Which is really smart by [the producers] because it makes everyone stay together.”


Al explains that the show books out an entire floor of the apartment complex during filming for the participants to stay in, as well as a producer, and there are also a couple of spare rooms in case the couples need to separate.

“So as soon as someone walks out like, ‘I don't want to be with you anymore’, all they have to do is walk across the corridor and walk into an empty room and then you’ve got a spare room,” he details.

The Love Island star went on to reveal that he spent one night in a spare room and it was never shown on TV.

“It was actually really funny,” he laughs. “I was at a dinner party one time and I really needed to fart, and so I held in this fart for so long because I was too embarrassed to fart in front of everyone at the dinner table, and I think it did something to my stomach.

“I started getting really bad stomach pains and I couldn't sleep properly, and then they had to put me in a spare room and watch me medically. That’s the only night I spent in the spare room.”

MAFS’ Al Perkins and Samantha Moitzi eating.
‘They don’t give you a grocery budget but they pay you a bit of money per week to buy food.’ Photo: Channel Nine

'Quite costly'

While most couples on MAFS are shown buying groceries and cooking their own meals during filming, Al admits he ate takeout most of the time.

“Sydney was in a heavy lockdown when we were filming so we couldn't go shopping or anything,” he says. “We had to Uber Eats everything, so it was quite costly.

“They don’t give you a grocery budget but they pay you a bit of money per week to buy food. They do give you Youfoodz so you can eat that, but I was eating it so much that I was getting really sick of it so I started just ordering Uber Eats. I never cooked.”

Al adds that he wasn’t too fussed about cleaning his apartment either, especially after his ‘wife’ Sam moved out towards the end of the experiment.

“I remember when Sam moved out my room became disgusting, it was so chat,” he remarks. “Because I knew I was going to leave so I was like, eh, I’m not going to clean it.

“I remember I had a bit of food that had green mould all growing around it. My producer came in the room like, ‘This is disgusting’, and she was cleaning it for me!”

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