MAFS spoiler: Photos reveal surprise twist for Anthony and Selin

While MAFS' Anthony and Selin haven't had the best start to the experiment, they surprised fans on Sunday night when they both decided to stay at the first commitment ceremony.

The pair's constant fighting didn't seem to sway their individual decisions to stay on the show and they're working through things during Intimacy Week.

MAFS' Anthony and Selin
MAFS' Anthony and Selin haven't had the best start to the experiment, but leaked photos could reveal things get better this week. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

And it looks like the work is going to pay off, as Anthony and Selin were spotted travelling to the next dinner party together.


In photos obtained by Yahoo Lifestyle taken on October 6, just days after the commitment ceremony, Anthony and Selin were seen in the same car for the first time since their honeymoon.

A source close to the show tells us: "After that commitment ceremony, things really changed between them and they started spending time together, asking producers if they could travel to dinner parties and shoots in the same car and both seemed to really be trying to make it work."

MAFS' Selin exits car
Selin was seen getting out of the car after travelling to the dinner party with Anthony. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
MAFS Anthony and Selin enter dinner party together
It was the first time since their honeymoon that they travelled in the same car together. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

After the commitment ceremony, the experts told Anthony and Selin they needed to try and move back in together to give their relationship a fighting chance at surviving, but on Monday night, Selin made it clear she wasn't keen on having Anthony in her space.

"I am filled with a bit more hope, knowing that we are going to move forward and at least give it a go," Anthony said, adding he's excited to move back in with Selin.

"This could blossom into something, so I'm very must looking forward to living with my wife."

MAFS' Anthony exits car
A source has told us the pair began spending more time together during Intimacy Week after the experts told them they needed to be nice to each other. Photo: Supplied/Matrix
Anthony and Selin hug
In the preview for Tuesday night's episode, Anthony and Selin are seen taking part in the three-minute hug task with Selin saying she 'liked' the hug. Photo: Nine

Meanwhile, Selin was questioning why she even decided to stay in the experiment, "I regret saying stay, that's the bottom line. I'm not sure if living together is going to make it worse."

She even made it a point to make her room a mess with her luggage so there was no space for Anthony's things.

"I feel so strongly that I don't have that connection with Anthony," Selin added. "So, at the moment, my luggage is just all over the place and I have no intention to move it."

However, in the preview for Tuesday night's episode, Anthony and Selin are seen doing the Intimacy Week task of the three-minute hug with Selin saying, "I like this, I think this is what we needed."

"Five days ago, I don't think we were there," Anthony adds. "I'm feeling in a much better place."

Anthony and Selin's troubled relationship

Anthony and Selin on their honeymoon
Anthony and Selin argue on their honeymoon. Photo: Nine

The pair had a very dramatic honeymoon with Anthony claiming Selin was belittling him when the cameras weren't rolling, calling him a "princess" and saying he was having a "boohoo" after he had opened up to her and shown his sensitive side.

The TV groom then slammed his bride for tearing him down and decided to leave the honeymoon a day early.

The pair reached boiling point during Confessions Week, where they were tasted with the photo ranking challenge - with Selin placing her 'husband' in fifth place in order of attractiveness - and began arguing over the fact that he had left their honeymoon one day early.

Selin then faced backlash for her behaviour with an insider telling us this week the TV bride is "telling all of her friends that she's been stitched up".

"Yeah she said some things she regrets, but a lot of the context behind her remarks have been cut from the show," they said. "She thinks producers are purposely erasing any footage that paints Anthony as anything but an angel to build up her villain narrative more."

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