Why MAFS sexologist says her divorce will help MAFS stars

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MAFS expert Alessandra Rampolla has opened up about her qualifications to sit on the experts table of Married at First Sight, and it turns out the renowned sexologist isn't just book smart when it comes to marriage, she has the life experience to back it up.

The 46-year-old says her own failed marriage is the experience she plans to draw on most when it comes to helping the couples battle through the tricky first weeks of marriage.

Alessandra Rampolla MAFS expert
MAFS newest expert sexologist Allessandra Rampolla has the knowledge and experience to bring new insight ot the show. Photo: Nine

"I was married once many years ago and it didn't work out," she told Woman's Day in a recent interview.

"I think going through those ups and downs of a marriage will allow me to understand what some of these couple will go through."


She clarifies however that experience isn't a pre-requisite for giving expert advice.

Alessandra Rampolla MAFS expert divorce
Alessandra thinks her experience of marriage breakdown will be invaluable to the MAFS couples. Photo: Instagram/ alessarampolla

"I don't think you need to have that experience to able to offer up advice and I think my expertise and education gives me the tools to do that," she said

The clarification is sure to come as a relief to her fellow experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling.

John is happily married to his wife Kelly who he met 25 years ago. The pair have two children.

Meanwhile, Mel Schilling tied the knot for the first time aged at 46, after a six-and-a-half-year engagement to now-hubby Gareth.

Puerto-Rican Alessandra married her ex-husband businessman John Hernandez in 2007 but the pair filed for divorce in 2011.

At the time Alessandra said it was the pair's lives away from their home country that proved an insurmountable hurdle for them both.

Alessandra Rampolla mAFS divorce marriage breakdown
Alessandra's desire to live aborad clashed with her ex-husband's desire to return to their home in Puerto Rico. Photo: Instagram/ alessarampolla

The pair had relocated to Argentina were Alessandra made a name for herself as a sexologist, but her hubby wanted to go home to be with relatives.

"There was no drama between us, we love each other and we are friends but at a certain point, life just took us on a different path," she said at the time.

The highly anticipated 2021 season of Married At First Sight kicked off on Monday night and while some fans were loving the drama, others were noticeably disappointed thanks to a major oversight by producers.

As has been the issue with many shows on TV, fans called out the show over its clear lack of diversity amongst participants, with many people joking that all the men and women looked exactly the same.

"Really pushing the boat on cultural diversity with #MAFS NOT!" one annoyed fan wrote on Twitter. "F**king joke!"

"Looks like #MAFS didn’t make the same casting decisions when it comes to diversity as #AmazingRaceAU," another added.

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