Karl Stefanovic 'outraged' by Married At First Sight sexologist

Karl Stefanovic was left gobsmacked during an interview with Married at First Sight's newest expert Alessandra Rampolla on Monday.

The seasoned host was speaking to the sexologist on the Today show about her thoughts on Australia, after arriving to take part in the newest season of the controversial reality series.

Alessandra shared a few observations she had noticed about Australian men, and one of them left Karl particularly 'outraged'.

"Australian men are charming but a little lazy. I will say, a little lazy," she said.

"That is what I have been able to pick up. Let me just tell you, they are not quite seductive. I think that is missing."


Karl was visibly shocked, feigning outrage, before he turned to his crew and said: "Woah, woah, can we please stop this interview?"

"That is outrageous."

karl stefanovic on today show
Karl turned to his crew feigning outrage. Photo: Channel Nine

The Puerto Rican-born sexologist brings decades of experience to her latest gig, replacing sex expert Dr Trisha Stratford after her departure from MAFS.

Alessandra admitted that she knew nothing about the reality series before she was contacted about the role, and watched all seven seasons while in hotel quarantine.

She will be the first sexologist to feature as an expert on the program, and fans wrote they hoped she could up the game of the heavily-criticised expert panel.

mafs expert Alessandra Rampolla
The Puerto Rican-born sexologist brings 20 years of experience. Photo: Instagram/Alessandra Rampolla

"I ended up crossing paths with someone in Australia who I stayed in contact with, and they ended up contacting me about MAFS, which I knew nothing about!" Alessandra told 9 Entertainment.

"I then of course binge-watched the series over, I don't know, five days? I didn't sleep, I wanted to see what happens with the couples! I was in quarantine at the time, so it was perfect."

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