MAFS' Samantha speaks out after her ex Al joins Love Island: 'Confused'

Married At First Sight star Samantha Moitzi has spoken out after it was revealed that her on-screen husband Al Perkins has joined the cast of Love Island Australia.

The 25-year-old TV groom, who became well known on this year's season of MAFS for his party behaviour and love of doing shoeys, was recently photographed filming the fourth season of the Channel Nine series in Mallorca, Spain.

MAFS’ Samantha Moitzi and Al Perkins.
MAFS’ Samantha Moitzi has spoken out about her ex Al Perkins joining Love Island Australia. Photo: Channel Nine

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, Samantha said that although she is “definitely not annoyed” her ex was going on Love Island, she admitted to feeling “a little bit confused” by the timing.

“We’re actually not allowed to apply for any reality TV shows for like, over a year of the last episode airing, so that’s quite a long way away,” she shared.

“But I guess because Love Island’s a Channel Nine production, maybe he got special allowance for that? I’m not sure.”


The 26-year-old went on to say that she was “super happy” for Al and the fact he was getting opportunities like this after MAFS.

“I think he’s going to love Love Island,” she continued. “I mean, he loves a tan, he loves getting his shirt off, he loves the boys, he loves pretty women in bikinis. So like, why would he not have the best time?

“Honestly, I hope he finds love. I do.”

Samantha captioned the final Instagram Story with: “All good from me”

MAFS’ Samantha Moitzi speaking on her Instagram Stories.
‘Honestly, I hope he finds love. I do.’ Photos: Instagram/samanthamoitzi

‘We weren’t on Love Island

Al’s lack of maturity was a major source of contention during his TV marriage with Samantha after he performed the worm at their wedding reception, did shoeys at two separate dinner parties, and jumped in a swamp at the couples retreat.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle in March following a rather dramatic commitment ceremony, Samantha opened up about the issues in their relationship.

“I really struggled a little bit when everyone was like, ‘Oh but he doesn’t know so give him a go, he needs to learn’,” she admits.

“But it’s like, we weren't on Love Island. We were on a show where all of the interview questions are, ‘Are you ready for this?’. Like, this isn’t a joke, this is marriage.

“And I think what I struggled with throughout this experiment was that everything was new, everything was a bit of a joke, he didn't really mind about the outcome because he was there to learn and grow. And I was like, ‘Well this isn't a journey for me, this is a destination’. It was hard.”

Samantha also revealed during an Instagram Q&A in July that out of all the reality shows in Australia, Love Island is “probably the only one [she] wouldn’t go on”.

“Besides the fact that I’m not single, I also couldn’t think of anything worse than being judged purely on the way I look in the beginning,” she said.

“Good on anyone who goes on it. Those guys are legends!”

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