MAFS' Al Perkins joins cast of Love Island as filming kicks off

He was the breakout star of this year’s season of Married At First Sight, and now it’s been revealed that Al Perkins has joined the cast of Love Island Australia.

According to So Dramatic!, a source confirmed that the 25-year-old former carpenter had signed on for the dating show’s fourth season.

MAFS' Al Perkins.
MAFS’ Al Perkins has joined the cast of Love Island Australia. Photo: Instagram/al.perkinss

The source also told the podcast that for the first time in the show’s history, Love Island will be pre-recorded instead of being broadcast live.

They claimed that the show is filming a few weeks in advance in Mallorca, Spain due to the availability of the villa, which is also where the popular UK series is filmed.

This year marks the first time the show is being filmed in Spain since season one, with the second season taking place in Fiji and last year’s being filmed in Byron Bay due to international lockdown restrictions.


A spokesperson from the show’s production company ITV Studios Australia later confirmed the claims to So Dramatic!, saying: “Love Island Australia has started filming in a stunning new villa in Mallorca, Spain.

“We have assembled an amazing cast and Sophie Monk is back hosting in what is set to be a hot and sizzling season, with more secrets from the new Love Island villa to be revealed soon.”

Daily Mail also recently captured photos of Al filming the show in Mallorca, Spain, where he is seen sitting around the pool surrounded by a group of bikini-clad women.

MAFS' Al Perkins and Brent Vitiello.
A source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Brent Vitiello had ‘no idea’ Al was going on Love Island. Photo: Instagram/al.perkinss

‘Brent had no idea’

A source close to Al told Yahoo Lifestyle that the former TV groom flew overseas two weeks ago and hasn’t been contactable on social media.

“Al told friends he’s visiting family in Malaysia and then just vanished two weeks ago and has had his phone off ever since,” they said.

“Even Brent [Vitiello] had no idea he’d signed up to do a show.”

The news comes shortly after Brent spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle about the rumours that he and Al had ended their friendship after fans noticed they hadn’t posted on their joint social media account in months.

The 33-year-old assured that they are still good friends but there has been drama behind-the-scenes after he left his management company THE.mgmt, who Al is still signed with.

“‘The Life of Brent and Al’ is on hold until we find out what we can do [together] contractually, which is why we haven't been posting,” he said, adding that several of their joint ventures may not happen now.

When asked why he left the management company, Brent explained: “Their views didn’t align with mine and we wanted different things. It created tension and I wanted to go out on my own.”

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