Today’s Allison Langdon gets emotional live on-air sharing family news

Today host Allison Langdon fought back tears on Tuesday morning after she shared some rather significant family news with viewers.

Speaking with her fill-in co-host David Campbell, the TV star revealed that her five-year-old son Mack had his first day of school this week.

Today's David Campbell and Allison Langdon.
Today host Allison Langdon revealed on-air that her five-year-old son Mack was starting school. Photo: Channel Nine

“Mack is starting kindy today!” she said as a photo of her little boy dressed in his uniform appeared on screen.

“His shorts come down past his knees. Oh look he’s so cute and he’s excited. A bit nervous. But I don’t know if his emotions have been the same as the rollercoaster that I’ve been on.”

Ally went on to admit that she will have to try her best not to cry when she drops him off at school later in the morning.

“I think I’m going to be pretty emotional today, but I’ve just got to obviously keep it together until he gets into the classroom and it will all be fine. He doesn't start until 10am today, so I’m going to [head] off right now and get there,” she added.


When asked for his parenting advice, father-of-three David quickly told Ally not to cry.

“And it's never too early for a wine for mum this morning,” he added.

Allison shares two children with her husband and fellow journalist Michael Willesee Jr: five-year-old Mack and three-year-old Scout.

Today's Allison Langdon with her children.
Allison shares a five-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter with her husband Michael. Photo: Instagram/allisonlangdon

Ally, who hosts the Channel Nine series Parental Guidance, opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle late last year about her and Michael’s parenting style.

“I know my husband and I, we don't really have a specific style, I think we just wing it,” she said, before adding, “My two kids are entirely different. How we raise one doesn't work for the other one”.

She also said that despite being raised as a 'free-range kid' in the country, she is more of a ‘helicopter parent’ to Mack and Scout.

“I’ve probably wrapped them in cotton wool a little too often,” she admitted.

“What I've found is how often I'll say, ‘Be careful! Watch out!’ and the message I'm sending them when I do that is, ‘What you're doing is dangerous!’ as opposed to sometimes letting them work out their own limits with those things.”

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