MAFS' Olivia shares surprising new job: 'Ask me anything'

MAFS star Olivia Frazer has been open about her struggle to find a job after the show aired, after revealing she had to give up her teaching dream due to her controversial behaviour on the show.

Although she’s far from the most popular bride from season nine, Olivia has just announced she’s on Memmo, a website where ‘fans’ can request personalised videos from celebrities.

MAFS Olivia Frazer poses on the left, in a white boob tube top and hair out. On the right, she shares a photo of herself smiling for the camera on her Instagram story, with #AskMeAnything and 'Your curiosity is my command! Pop your question to me on' written on it.
Olivia Frazer from MAFS has announced she's on Memmo. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

Writing on her Instagram story, she let fans know that they can ‘ask her anything’, writing: “Your curiosity is my command! Pop your question to me on Memmo.”

Olivia describes herself on the website as a ‘TV Personality - Married At First Sight S9’ and charges $30 per short video. Her description reads: “Hey! Olivia here! Are you looking to brighten up someone’s day? Order a video from me if you know someone who’s got a special occasion coming up or needs cheering up, or a laugh.”


It’s not surprising that Olivia has had to turn to alternate sources of income as the star has been relatively down on her luck, even asking Kmart for a job recently, saying she’ll work ‘anywhere’.

Jackson Lonie in a black and white striped t shirt, wearing a cap on the left, with Olivia on the right, wearing a black t-shirt and black sunglasses on her head.
Olivia and her partner Jackson Lonie have addressed rumours they're starting an OnlyFans. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

This comes after Olivia and her partner Jackson Lonie have seemingly confirmed that the pair are joining OnlyFans. This has shocked fans as Olivia found herself at the centre of an OnlyFans photo scandal on the show when she shared a nude photo of Domenica Calarco without her consent.

During a live Q&A on Instagram on Sunday, Jackson and Olivia addressed questions about whether Olivia would be starting an OnlyFans account.

"Are you?" Jackson asked his partner while they were driving in the car.

"Yeah, I've made one, I just haven't set it up yet," Olivia teased viewers. "We're doing it."

Olivia in tan lingerie and red lipstick.
Olivia Frazer shocked fans when she admitted she's opened to the idea of joining OnlyFans. Photo: Instagram/olivefrazer

Fans of the show have slammed Olivia for being hypocritical on social media, with one writing: “I just can’t believe this, after what she did and said about Dom’s account.”

“Absolute cheek of her doing this after how she treated Dom,” another agreed.

“It’s the only source of income she can get as she has been unsuccessful getting a job elsewhere,” a third wrote.

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