MAFS' Olivia hits out at critics after backlash: 'I sleep amazing at night'

Now that the MAFS participants finally have access to their Instagram accounts we can finally find out exactly what the participants really thought about their time on the show.

Olivia Frazer famously said on the show she's a "petty b***h" who "holds grudges" and shocked viewers when she said she doesn't have any empathy after leaking Domenica Calarco's OnlyFans snap.

MAFS' Olivia poses for selfie
MAFS' Olivia hit out at the critics after receiving intense backlash, saying, 'I've never wasted energy on people I don’t like.' Photo: Instagram/OliveFrazer

Now, she's hitting out at her critics after receiving backlash for weeks.

"FYI my interpretation of ‘holding grudges’ is to cut out people that are toxic to my life," she wrote alongside a selfie. "Not seek revenge or put any energy at all towards them.

"It’s perfectly acceptable to not like people. It’s perfectly acceptable to not allow certain people access to you. I’ve never wasted energy on people I don’t like. Hence why I sleep amazing at night xxx."


It comes after she was forced to call the police after people drove to her house and began hurling abuse at her.

"Some lunatics have just pulled up outside my home - don't know how they got my address - and have screamed that I’m a c***, I’m a rat, and I should die in a hole," she says in the video.

MAFS' Jackson and Olivia
Olivia is still with her TV husband Jackson Lonie, with the pair now living together. Photo: Instagram/OliveFrazer

"I can barely go out in public and now I can’t even chill at home."

She adds that as well as the police, she also reported the incident to ‘Channel Nine security’, and spoke to her mum and TV husband Jackson Lonie.

The reality star also shared on Mamamia's No Filter podcast that she has been receiving abusive texts from former clients who have her private number from when she used to work as a driving instructor.

"Not just kids I used to teach, but parents [messaged me] to call me a pig, a delusional t**t," she explained, adding that she’s in a bad place.

"I think that was the breaking point, when I started getting texts to my phone, because I’d removed myself from online.

"That was really, really breaking point – people that I know, saying I’m disgusting, and they’re mortified they let me teach their kids to drive."

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