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The fitness app that users can't get enough of: 'Helps me stay on track'

Stay motivated with this clever tool.

If 2024 is the year that you've decided to boost your health and fitness, it can be useful to have as many tools as possible on hand to keep you on track.

Now fans have found a way to help them track how their body is changing on the inside as well as the outside - helping them stay motivated even if the numbers on the scales aren't changing.

BodyMapp is a 3D body scanning app that allows you to track up to 20 different measurements and metrics, including body fat percentage, BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and waist measurement.

Man holding BodyMapp app.
BodyMapp is a 3D body scanning app. Photo: Supplied

"I felt like my hard work wasn’t paying off but this app helped show me that even though the scale wasn’t really moving, my body was physically showing progress and losing inches," says one happy user.

"This has been one of my favourite tools to track my weight loss journey as it doesn’t solely track my progress by the numbers on the scale and instead breaks down the incredible changes in my body and all the centimetres I have lost," agrees another.


The app can also give you a side-by-side comparison of your 3D avatar, including a profile of your chest, waist, hips and waist-to-hip ratio, so you can see the changes in your body over time, and see how far you've progressed.

BodyMapp app
The BodyMapp app shows you how your measurements have changed over time. Photo: Supplied

The app can measure your body fat percentage, so if you're training hard but not seeing the numbers on the scale shift, you'll know that's because you're gaining muscle and changing your body composition.

It's a great, regular way of keeping you accountable. Fans of the app agree: "I’ve noticed my weight loss stalls for about a month sometimes but I like using Bodymapp because in those times, I find my measurements shrink. Helps me to stay motivated and on track," says one user.

Another agrees: "It has been a great mental help to see the measurements going down at times the weight loss has slowed up."

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