MAFS star mocked after teeth transformation: ‘Veneers at first sight’

Shortly after debuting his dramatic teeth transformation online, Married At First Sight star Matt Ridley has been mercilessly mocked for his new look.

The 39-year-old law clerk took to Instagram on Tuesday to share photos of his veneers - which are believed to be worth around $55,000 - after becoming the latest reality TV star to get his teeth done.

MAFS' Matt Ridley.
MAFS’ Matt Ridley has been mercilessly mocked after he debuted his dramatic teeth transformation online. Photo: Channel Nine

“Words cannot describe how amazed I am with this smile transformation,” he wrote alongside a gallery of snaps.

“I now have the most amazing smile and my confidence is through the roof. I hadn’t seen a dentist in 23 years and now this. I’m so thankful to all the team.”


While Matt received a number of positive comments on his post, with his fellow MAFS co-stars Selin Mengu and Jackson Lonie saying he looks “amazing” and “unreal”, he was also met with some fierce backlash.

“Too white! Too big!” one person wrote on social media. “Shape also doesn’t match his face.”

“His teeth were ok? Just needed to be whitened and would have been ok,” another added.

MAFS' Matt Ridley showing off his new teeth.
A number of followers criticised Matt’s new look for being ‘too white’ and ‘too big’. Photo: Instagram/mattridleyofficial

‘Veneers At First Sight’

Plenty of people also poked fun at the fact that it’s now a common occurrence for reality stars to get veneers immediately after appearing on TV.

“I can only gather that MAFS participants are paid partly with dental work, they all seem to do it,” one fan wrote, followed by someone else who asked, “Is this part of their contact now!?”.

“This show should change its name to DAFTS (Dentistry After Finishing The Show)… Not just an anagram as it has dual meaning too,” a different user wrote, while another joked, “Should be called ‘Veneers At First Sight’ aka VAFS”.

“Question: why not do this before the show. No one cared about his teeth before the show or even during the show. Why do we care about his teeth after the show?” someone else said.

One person also shared their annoyance that reality TV stars are supposedly getting dental work for free when other people who need it can’t afford it.

“New teeth for all wannabes but people who need basic dental can’t get it, shame on these dentists,” they wrote.

'A drastic change’

Matt’s new look comes shortly after his co-star Selin Mengu debuted her own dental makeover at Australian Fashion Week earlier this month.

“I love the new teeth,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle at the event.

“I never ever thought about getting veneers. There’s a myth about veneers where you have to shave down all your teeth, which is not true. Just hearing that made me more confident.

“When I first got them done I thought they were too big and too white and all of these things. It’s obviously still a drastic change, but I love them. I'm so impressed with them and everyone loves them and thinks they’re real so I’m happy with them.”

Meanwhile, fellow season nine star Brent Vitiello recently shared on social media that he was planning on getting his teeth fixed with Invisalign rather than porcelain veneers.

“We're not doing veneers!” he wrote on Instagram. “Just straightening and fixing what God gave me.”

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