MAFS' Martha claps back at fans who said her 'face looks different'

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Martha Kalifatidis has clapped back at her followers on social media after they made assumptions about the beauty procedures she’s had done to her face.

The former Married At First Sight star, who recently embarked on a European vacation with her fiancé Michael Brunelli, shared a TikTok over the weekend responding to fan comments about her appearance.

Martha Kalifatidis.
Martha Kalifatidis has called out her followers on TikTok who said her ‘face looks different’. Photo: Instagram/marthaa__k

“Your face looks different from when I saw you on TV. What you have done?” one person asked, followed by another who said, “She looks like she’s had some fillers and botox, and that string eyebrow thing. Looks good though”.

Martha quickly shared a video responding to the comments and shut down speculation about what work she’s had done.

“Okay, I have not had the eyebrow string thing,” she began. “I've had some filler in my temples and I did that a few months ago, and some Botox around my eyes and in my forehead. That is all I have done.

“I'm bloated because I haven't s**t in seven days and it's highly f**king toxic. I'm actually poisonous right now.”


Martha went on to say that people should keep their comments to themselves because she’s always been “super open” about what she’s had done.

“I film and literally show on Instagram everything I get f**king done, so you can chill with all your theories on what I do to my face,” she continued.

“And this is a filter because I can't be f**ked listening to you guys now talking about how I look bloated and I look like I've had work done. Okay, get f**ked!”

A number of Martha’s followers rushed to the comments to compliment her appearance, including the original user who had assumed she’d had fillers and botox.

“Sorry I shall keep theories to myself! I really do think you look great though, and your skin is flawless,” they wrote, to which someone else replied, “It’s more that these comments can cause insecurities in people which you will never know about behind a screen. They don’t add value so aren’t needed.”

“Imagine having to explain yourself just because you’re stunning,” another added.

“She’s always been open about what she gets done etc. Also just accept that she’s gorgeous af pls,” a fourth shared.

“Absolutely loving the honesty babe! You are a queen,” a different user remarked.


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