MAFS' Martha causes a frenzy with $20 cleanser from Woolworths: 'Incredible'

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Former MAFS star, Martha Kalifatidis holds a pink MCoBeauty foaming cleanser bottle on the left with a pale background behind her, with a product image on the right of the pink cleanser against a pale pink background.
Former MAFS star, Martha Kalifatidis has sent a $20 cleanser viral after sharing it to her Instagram audience, doubling the products' sales. Source: Instagram/maartha_k

Skincare can cost a fortune - from cleansers to serums to moisturisers and tiny vials of Vitamin C that you constantly seem to be running out of.

So what if there was an all-in-one product that cleaned your skin while hydrating, soothing and leaving your skin looking noticeably better?

Yes, please.

And what if we told you that it was $20?

Get in my basket!

Thanks to former MAFS star, Martha Kalifatidisur, she has introduced this beauty buy to the world and it has gone viral.

In fact, the sales for this product have more than doubled, with one selling every minute.

Ok, tell me what it is now

You may have seen this brand at your local Woolies, but we doubt you'll be bypassing it now.

The Salicylic Foaming Face Cleanser from MCoBeauty is currently making its rounds all over the internet thanks to Martha's Instagram story, but the brand speaks volumes in its own right.


MCoBeauty is Australia’s leading "luxe-for-less" beauty brand, offering a tonne of natural skincare products that are Australian-made, vegan and cruelty-free, with every single product priced under $40.

No wonder why Martha loves it so much.

“I think this is my new all-time favourite cleanser," Martha shares with her Instagram audience.

Two screenshots side by side of former MAFS star, Martha Kalifatidis holding a pink cleanser bottle showing her audience with a pale background behind her.
Former MAFS star, Martha Kalifatidis sends a $20 cleanser viral with one selling every minute. Source: Instagram/marthaa_k

"It’s perfect in every way. It is the best cleanser I’ve used in forever and honestly no joke, I think this is going to replace all my other cleansers.

"I love that it’s like really loose. It’s not too concentrated so it doesn’t dry out your skin. But favourite thing is, you know when you’re washing your face and you can feel all your pores and blackheads and bumps and you wash it...

"When you’re washing with this, like 5-10 seconds in you can start to feel them breaking down and it becomes so smooth."

Why is it so good?

The Salicylic Foaming Face Cleanser offers such high results due to its blemish-fighting salicylic acid, glycolic acid and vitamin C-rich kakadu plum to cleanse, brighten and rejuvenate skin with a hydrating, non-drying formula.

A pink bottle of MCoBeauty's foaming cleanser with foam on the bottle against a pale pink background.
MCoBeauty's foaming cleanser hosts plenty of powerful ingredients like Vitamin C and salicylic acid to clean, hydrate and pump skin. Source: Supplied

Essentially, it cleans, exfoliates, hydrates and plumps all at once before leaving your skin looking bright and fresh thanks to the hero that is Vitamin C.

If you're a cult beauty buyer then you'll know how much money you rack up buying individual bottles of the ingredients MCoBeauty's cleanser contains, so for $20, it's a steal.

What's everyone else saying?

While Martha has raved about the cleanser, it seems others can also attest to the cleanser's "incredible" results.

"The cleansing foam was incredible," one person has revealed.

"Just after this product alone, my skin felt so fresh and cleansed."

A close up photo of an olive-skinned woman wearing a pink headband and holding a pink bottle of foaming cleanser next to her face while rubbing foam onto her face.
People are loving the affordable price point of MCoBeauty's $20 cleanser. Source: MCoBeauty

"The cleanser feels silky, foams really nicely, feels soft on the skin and didn't dry my skin out," a second has detailed.

"My face always feels fresh and clean after using this product."

Ok, sold. Where can I get it?

You'll be happy to know that you can pick up MCoBeauty's range from many of Australia's leading retailers including Woolworths, Big W, Amazon and of course, directly from

The standard 125ml bottle costs $20 and you can buy in-store or online.

But hurry, it's already sold out on Amazon so you'll have to be quick to try it!

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