MAFS' Lizzie defends current cast after cosmetic work exposed

The former fan favourite has urged people to remember that just because someone's on TV, it doesn't mean you have to tear their looks to shreds.

Married At First Sight's Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Sobinoff has defended current brides from the 2024 season, calling out an injector who criticised the appearance and work of one of the show's participants.

Lizzie appeared on two seasons of MAFS, first in 2019 matched with Sam Ball, and then as an intruder bride in 2020 matched with Seb Guilhaus.

The 32-year-old reality star opened up about her own experience when it came to filming the show and slammed the unnamed injector for not considering the mental health of the person she was criticising.

While she didn't elaborate on who the injector is or which bride she was going into detail about, Lizzie highlighted that people need to be more aware they're commenting on real-life people who can see their content and be hurt by it.

MAFS' Lizzie Sobinoff with dark hair and blonde hair
MAFS' Lizzie Sobinoff. Photo: Instagram/Nine

MAFS' Lizzie says people need to remember everyone has feelings

"I saw an Instagram post about an injector going into detail about a girl on the current season of MAFS' face," she said.

"Coming from someone who's been on MAFS twice, these are people. Two, it's not fair to their mental health when you start picking apart their appearance like that because they will see it."

Lizzie then talked about her own experience being "torn apart" after becoming a public figure on MAFS.


"I don’t know this girl's storyline, I just was upset at how no one takes into consideration that she is a human and has feelings. Maybe say it’s triggering for me at how I was torn apart by a lot of the PUBLIC," Lizzie continued.

"I understand you are qualified and have a certain way of doing your work. I just think people need to remember just because someone is on TV, doesn’t mean they are not human and have feelings. In that particular line of work I’m under the assumption that you want to improve someone’s confidence, make them feel good about themselves. I see this as counterproductive. Just for views?"

Lizzie Sobinoff
Lizzie has slammed an injector who called out a current MAFS star's cosmetic work. Photo:

Her post was met with fans and friends agreeing with her take.

"Absolutely agree!!! Love this girl. Always so proud of how you aren’t afraid to speak your opinion!" one person commented.


"I would never go to a ‘medical professional’ who publicly critiqued a person's face/body as a way to critique another professional's ‘work’. It’s tacky. It’s unprofessional. It’s immature. It’s unsafe!," another said. "Yes, babe everyone has feelings! Damn right," someone else said.

Lizzie Sobinoff with baby daughter
Lizzie Sobinoff gave birth to a baby girl late last year. Photo:

Late last year Lizzie welcomed her first child, a daughter, with husband Alexander Vega.

"8.11.23, I have never been happier," Lizzie captioned the post announcing the birth of her daughter. "My everything. A love so strong. Pure bliss."

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