MAFS: Leaked video of Ben and Ellie reveals truth about their 'fight'

The clip suggests the on-screen drama between the couple may be fake.

Following a rocky start to their relationship, Married At First Sight’s Ellie Dix revealed during Tuesday night’s episode that things between her and her partner Ben Walters were worse than ever after he “mocked her” during an off-camera disagreement.

The groom was reprimanded by sexologist Alessandra Rampolla in front of his co-stars for his behaviour, with a preview of Wednesday night’s dinner party teasing that Ben will face the wrath of the entire cast over his remarks.

MAFS’ Ben Walters and Ellie Dix.
A leaked video of MAFS’ Ben Walters and Ellie Dix has suggested their on-screen drama may be fake. Photo: Channel Nine

Yet despite the drama on-screen, a leaked video of Ben and Ellie recorded in their apartment while filming this week’s episodes in August 2023 has suggested the drama may be fake.

The clip, posted by Instagram account MAFSFunny, begins with Ben reflecting on their disagreement after producers allegedly spent a considerable amount of time filming one-on-one interviews with Ellie without asking for his side of the argument.

“Maybe this is not good, maybe Ellie really hates me or something?” Ben says to the camera while eating dinner with his ‘wife’ after filming wrapped for the day.


The camera then pans to Ellie who replies: “I don’t hate him. You know, the way these producers make it seem is like this huge drama.

“When they’re asking me questions in my one-on-one interview, like ‘How do you feel about Ben?’, I actually do recall saying, ‘I like Ben, I like where we’re at and we’re in a really good spot’ - and look at us, we’re having dinner together.

“What I’m trying to say is, you might only be getting a snippet of me saying ‘He made me feel angry’ - but that was last night and I was angry. And you were angry too [Ben], but they didn’t ask you that.”

'One side of the story'

Ben adds in the video that although he doesn’t disagree with what Ellie is saying, viewers are only getting “one side of the story”.

“I didn’t write Ben off,” Ellie continues, “But all it takes is a little cut here and there and then all of a sudden it’s like, ’Ben is a…’.”

The video then ends with Ben standing up and kissing his partner, proving that they don’t “really hate each other”.

MAFS’ Ben Walters and Ellie Dix in the leaked video.
The video shows Ben and Ellie agreeing that producers will likely make their relationship issues look like a ‘huge drama’. Photo: Channel Nine

It’s important to note that each participant is handed a production phone while filming the reality show so they can document their relationship when there is no crew present.

However, previous participants have also kept private video diaries of any drama they’re involved in to anticipate being “stitched up” in the edit.

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