MAFS' Layton's 'strange' career pivot one year after the show: 'Game-changer'

EXCLUSIVE: Layton Mills has launched a unique product in supermarkets around the country.

MAFS’ Layton Mills / Layton in the kitchen.
MAFS’ Layton Mills has embarked on a surprising new career path. Photos: Channel Nine / Supplied

Married At First Sight’s Layton Mills has embarked on a surprising new career path following his appearance on last year’s season of the reality show. The 36-year-old groom took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce that he’s partnered exclusively with Woolworths to launch the world’s first sweetened condensed oat milk.

Layton, who shared a video baking a cake that resembled a can of his oat-based condensed milk, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the product is a “game-changer” for those who love to bake and create in the kitchen.


“Times are changing for dairy. Oat-based sweetened condensed milk is not only a sustainable alternative but also a tasty one,” he details.

Oat milk is the fastest-growing alternative milk in Australia, with the market size predicted to reach $947.5 million by 2032. One Sydney barista told The Guardian last year it accounts for over 30 per cent of his total sales, with another study revealing one in five Gen Zs order their coffee with oat milk.

In addition to being preferred for its smooth and creamy texture, oat milk also has significant environmental benefits. Producing a glass of dairy milk requires nine times more land and generates three times more greenhouse gases compared to oat milk.

“This makes an oat-based sweetened condensed milk perfect for baking,” Layton says. “It’s a sustainable and ethical alternative to dairy, and its sensory profile ensures it tastes as good as, if not better than, traditional dairy condensed milk.”

 MAFS’ Layton Mills / sweetened condensed oat milk.
Layton says oat-based sweetened condensed milk is ‘perfect’ for baking. Photos: Supplied

While Layton was often portrayed on MAFS as a stern and diplomatic CEO, he tells Yahoo Lifestyle he has a creative side that was rarely shown on TV.

“The show definitely pigeonholed me as this robot CEO with no emotion, but most weekends you’ll find me either painting or cooking,” he shares. “I grew up with two sisters, and someone was always cooking or baking in our house, so I kind of picked it up as a form of therapy.”

The reality star adds that while his co-stars spent most of their time in the experiment going to the gym, he could be found cooking up a storm in his apartment for his partner Melinda Willis.

“I accidentally signed up for three meal delivery platforms and forgot to cancel them, so I ended up cooking a lot for Mel at Skye Suites,” he reveals. “True story, I had so many meal kits that I was giving away boxes to the other cast members as housewarming gifts!”


Layton admits his venture into the oat milk industry might seem “strange” to some, however, he actually owned a milk brand that was sold across Australia before his foray into biotechnology and animal health. After MAFS, he discovered an oat-based condensed milk on Instagram and was instantly captivated.

“I reached out to the founders, two amazing vegan sisters, to see if they’d allow me to be their Australian partner,” he says. “Fast forward 12 months and Woolworths loved the brand as much as I did, so they’ve signed up as our exclusive launch partners.

“The product will be sitting on shelves in over 900 stores across Australia, rolling out from July 1.”

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