MAFS' Melinda debuts major transformation: 'So stunning'

The once blonde beauty has taken on a glamorous new look as part of her journey towards greater self-confidence.

MAFS star Melinda Willis has revealed a stunning transformation, dyeing her blonde locks dark as she tells Yahoo Lifestyle she's on a journey towards greater self-confidence being in her "natural" state.

Late last year the reality star took to TikTok to give fans an inside look into her journey dissolving lip filler and taking out her eyelash extensions, debuting a more natural look without cosmetic enhancements, and her new hair is part of that same journey.

The 34-year-old is putting herself first, focusing on healing from the inside out as she runs her businesses and embraces life as an entrepreneur.

Melinda Willis brown hair
Melinda's stunning new brunette look. Photo:

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, Melinda says she was hoping to be able to grow her natural hair out and eventually remove her extensions, labelling it her "healthy era".

"All the changes lately are due to a self-confidence journey to find ‘me’ again after all these years of hiding behind image enhancements as my security blankets," she shares. " [It] stemmed from guys at high school calling me ugly when I was in my natural state. But now, f*** boys they aren’t worth it!"

She said while she does prefer herself as a blonde and feels "out of skin" as a brunette, the benefits of the change mean her hair is now easier to maintain.


"I prefer me as a blonde and feel out of skin as a brunette but it’s easier to maintain and always looks fresh when you roll out of bed and into a Zoom," she said. "Plus I like being out my comfort zone it’s self-growth and confidence building."

On her Instagram Story, Melinda shared with fans that the changes aren't necessarily "forever" but they're a catalyst to help her feel more confident.

"I've always been so obsessed with my image," she said. "These changes aren't forever, they are until I learn to feel confident, no matter my image."

Melinda Willis on MAFS 2023 orange cut out dress
Melinda on MAFS 2023. Photo: Nine

Fans praise Melinda's new look

Fans and friends took to social media to praise Melinda's new look, labelling it stunning.


"Actually makes you look younger and your skin is glowing," one person commented. "OMG!!!!! You look incredible. I love this shade on you. You are just glowing," another said.

"You look like Angelina Jolie now .. beautiful," another person complimented.

"So much more flattering! It's giving RICH," someone else said.

Listen to Melinda's episode of Yahoo Lifestyle's podcast Behind The Edit right here.

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