Hi-5: Here's what the original band members look like today

The award-winning show's founding members left 15 years ago - so what do they look like today?

The kids' band and TV show Hi-5 were like a children's version of the British pop band Steps. The singing and dancing troop of three girls and two guys kept kids entertained in the late '90s and early noughties.

The original members were Kellie Crawford, Nathan Foley, Charli Robinson, Kathleen de Leon Jones and Tim Harding who, with abundant energy, belted out tunes that won them ARIA awards.

But where are they now?

Kellie, Tim, Kathleen, Charli and Nathan of Hi-5
The original Hi-5 team – Kellie, Tim, Kathleen, Charli and Nathan. Photo: Getty Images

Kellie Crawford (nee Hoggart)

Hi-5 was not Kellie's first time in a singing group. She enjoyed success in '90s Aussie girl group The Teen Queens before she was offered the role on Hi-5.

During her 10 years on the show, Kellie and co-star Nathan Foley started dating before getting engaged in 2005, however by the following year, the couple had split.


Kellie of Hi-5 performing in red
Kellie had success in girl group The Teen Queens before joining Hi-5. Photo: Getty Images

But Kellie did meet her husband. projectionist Addam Crawford, through the show. They married in 2008 and were together until Addam's tragic death in 2018 aged 40.

In July this year, Kellie featured in the film clip for Australian singer-songwriter Rhys Tolhurst's latest song Broken.

She also remembers her time on the show fondly.

"I know you know how much I love these guys," she wrote in a post on Instagram.

"I always loved singing with these guys... Always," she added.

Nathan Foley

Nathan was a founding member of Hi-5 and when he left the show, he returned to a career in rock music.

"After ten years it kind of got to the point where I was like, yeah, I want to go back to my roots, go back to what I do," he told Yahoo Lifestyle in 2022.

Nathan of Hi-5 in an orange shirt giving a High Five
Nathan demonstrating the high 5 gesture that all the members used during their time on the show. Photo: Getty Images

"I never ever saw myself as a kids' entertainer, even when I was doing the show. I just saw myself as an entertainer going in and doing my thing," he said.

After leaving the show he spent time in musical theatre, performing in professional productions of Jerry Springer: The Opera, Grease On The Beach and Mamma Mia.

Nathan returned to the public eye nationally as a contestant in I Will Survive, finishing in the top three before competing in The Voice in 2019 where he was unfortunately eliminated in the knock-out rounds.

"I wanted to get out there and show people that I'm not dead," he said about appearing on The Voice.

"So I did it and got through a few episodes and it really actually did help publicity-wise to push me into getting my record deal and my management."

Charli Robinson

Charli was the youngest member of the group when they started out and after finishing on the show, she forged a career for herself in TV presenting.

Charli of Hi-5 performing in a green and pink outfit
Charli performing as a member of Hi-5 in the mid-noughties. Photo: Getty Images
Liam Talbot, racing driver proposes to TV personality Charli Robinson on October 13, 2019 in Bathurst, Australia.
Charli with fiancé, racing car driver Liam Talbot. Photo: Getty Images

Charli went on to present shows such as Battle Of The Choirs, The Dirt TV, It's A Knockout and Cruise Mode and she has been a presenter with travel TV program Getaway since 2014.

She and her partner, racing driver Liam Talbot, got engaged in 2019 and the couple share two daughters Kensington, 4, and Theadora, 3.

Kathleen de Leon Jones

Kathleen was best known on the program for her dancing abilities and her octopus puppet Jup Jup.

Kathleen de Leon Jones with husband, Savage Garden's Daniel Jones and with their two daughters. Instagram/@kathleendeleonjones
Kathleen de Leon Jones left behind Hi-5 and her showbiz life for wedded bliss with Savage Garden's Daniel Jones and their two daughters. Instagram/@kathleendeleonjones

While at the 2000 TV Week Logie Awards, Kathleen met Daniel Jones of the band Savage Garden. The couple married five years later and after 23 years of dating and 18 years of marriage, the couple are still going strong!

She left Hi-5 in 2007 to spend more time with her one-year-old daughter Mikayla, who is now 17. The couple also have a 12-year-old daughter Keira.

Tim Harding

Tim was a typical Aussie surfer-looking guy while on Hi-5 but his run on the show came to an abrupt end after he suffered major injuries from a motorcycle accident, including a fractured spine and two broken feet.

Tim of Hi-5 in a red jumper giving a high five
Tim during his time on the show in 2005. Photo: Getty Images

"I've had an incredible journey with Hi-5, one I will always cherish," he said in a statement at the time. "It has been the greatest honour and privilege to work with such an immensely talented group of people."

But after some time out of the limelight, Tim has returned to music and regularly plays gig in and around Newcastle on the NSW Central Coast, where he lives with his wife Tash and daughters Arielle and Beatrix.


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