MAFS intruder Ridge's surprising reality TV past as fans call new groom 'embarrassing'

Married At First Sight fans didn't warm to Ridge Barredo, and it turns out this isn't his first shot at love on reality TV.

If you thought Married At First Sight's new intruder groom Ridge Barredo looked familiar, you wouldn't be mistaken — and no, we don't mean that you've probably seen him frequent Ryan's Bar in Sydney with every other bro who has the word 'deece' in their vocabulary.

Ridge, who married single mum Jade Pywell in last night's intruder wedding, is quite familiar with reality TV: in fact, MAFS isn't the first reality dating show we've seen him on.

As well as being a two-time Commonwealth Games weightlifter, and working as a psychiatric nurse, Ridge has appeared on First Dates, popping up on the show in 2020 when he was 23 years old.

Though he didn't find love on his first go at a reality dating show, Ridge's sporting achievements boast greater success with the weightlifter having competed in the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast, as well as placing in fifth place in the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

While it's yet to be seen if Ridge and Jade make it work on MAFS, the Australian audience didn't warm to the 'cocky' reality star and his desire to find someone with a good 'rig'.

New MAFS groom Ridge has been partnered with single mother Jade. Photo: Nine
New MAFS groom Ridge has been partnered with single mother Jade. Photo: Nine

MAFS fans react to Ridge: 'Embarrassing'

There's no denying Ridge and his mates made an... impression... on MAFS fans across the country and not necessarily the best one.

From their 'frat boy' style lingo to Ridge's chaotic vows and admission that he still lives at home at the age of 27, people took to social media to leave their thoughts about the new groom.


"Him and his mates sound like the seagulls from Finding Nemo," one person commented. "All these guys need to grow up, it's embarrassing and disrespectful," another said.

"If that's him and his mates' maturity level sober I would hate to see them drunk," another person commented.

MAFS' Ridge and Jade
MAFS fans are about to lose their minds if Ridge says 'deece' one more time. Photo: Nine

Other fans took aim at the experts for setting Ridge up with a single mother.

"So you telling me of all the men you can find, you thought Ridge was the man suitable for a woman with a kid? OK," one person Tweeted.

"If Jade’s daughter has a battle of wits with Ridge, she’ll have to be fair and only use a quarter of hers," another person said.

"Jade congrats on your new 27-year-old child," another fan commented.

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