MAFS’ Hayley Vernon shows off the results of her nose job

Married At First Sight star Hayley Vernon has shocked fans with her latest selfie looking unrecognisable three months after her nose job surgery.

The 33-year-old posed in a plunging purple bodysuit, with a new shorter haircut, plumper limps and a full face of makeup.

Hayley's raunchy Instagram selfie with plunging purple bodysuit.
Hayley stunned fans on Instagram with new raunchy selfie making her look unrecognisable. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

“Dropping selfies like [bombs],” she captioned the Instagram post, adding “BIG OUSSSS ENERGY”.

Most of her fans applauded the photo, with one person commenting: “you’re looking amazing!”

Another added “deadset smoke show”, while a third wrote “seriously so sexy!”.


Hayley first revealed the results of her rhinoplasty procedure on Instagram back in May, telling fans, “I’m in love”.

“Is that not the cutest little nose you ever did see?,” she said in the video.

“I could not be happier. It's so cute on every angle. I love it.”

The reality star also assured fans that the “finished version” won’t be ready until later in the year.

“Still a good 4 months of solid swelling to go down and 100% of the swelling will take 12 months,” she captioned the Instagram video.

Hayley updated fans on her nose job surgery last month, saying it’s still “unfinished”. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_
Hayley updated fans on her nose job surgery last month, saying it’s still “unfinished”. Photo: Instagram/hayleyvernon_

Hayley first came to prominence on the seventh season of Married At First Sight last year when she was partnered with David Cannon.

Post-show, the Gold Coaster has made a career on the online content site OnlyFans making X-rated videos.

She charges fans $15 a month and has labelled herself in the top 0.4% of creators on the site worldwide.

When announcing her decision to join the website as a content creator last year, fans on Instagram were divided in the comments.

One person said Hayley should be applauded for joining OnlyFans as she has the right to monetise her own content.

“Men sexualise women’s bodies to make money for literally EVERY product marketing and no one bats an eyelid,” the fan commented. “A woman takes it into her own hands and makes her own money using her own body and other women shame her. Shame on you.”

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