MAFS star drops major hint in Today gaffe

Penny Burfitt
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Hayley have have dropped a big old clanger on live TV this morning. Photo: Nine

MAFS star Hayley was always going to stir up controversy, but the bride may have overshot the mark in very early days, dropping a hint-heavy line on the Today Show this morning in a slip of the tongue that could be a major spoiler.

The bride burst onto the scene on last night’s episode, the third of the highly-anticipated seventh season, dividing fans and parents with her loud arrival, outspoken opinions and rap performance.

“I did like him,” Hayley says

What is always on a MAFS fan’s mind is whether or not the couple lasts the distance, and it looks like Hayley may have dropped .a major spoiler in that department chatting to Ally and Karl this morning.

“Do you like him?” Ally asked the former drug-addict and current bodybuilder.

“I did like him,” Hayley responded, in a tense that Karl was quick to pick up on.

Karl and Ally were floored by Haley's slip of the tongue. photo: Nine

“You did?” he clarified.

“I did like him a lot,” she reiterated. 

“Tonight you will see that stuff happens. I said too much, didn't I?”

Hayley revealed more than intended discussing her wedding to David last night. Photo: Nine

With the past tense well and truly established, Ally managed to steer the conversation on, but Karl couldn’t help but sneak in a quick jibe at the end of the interview.

“Nine publicity are very angry with you right now,” he joked.

“I think that they angrier with you!” Hayley shot back.

Fans frustration at ‘spoilers’

It looks like fans may be as well, with one taking to Twitter to share her frustration, and others already bristling at leaked footage of other contestants who appear to have already moved on.

Photo: Twitter

The hint that all may not have ended in rainbows and wedding bells for Hayley and David comes after the pair appeared to share a spark on their wedding day, aired last night, but the bride weathered disapproval from her groom’s parents.

Conservative Christians Michelle and Kelvin were not overly impressed by Hayley’s twerking and rapping.

“This is not his usual type for a long-term relationship. I think David’s definitely got his work cut out for him,” Dave’s dad says.

Looks like expected drama between the pair and the parents is a shoo-in as the series continues, and at this rate, Hayley will let us know ahead of time anyway.

The bride has already made waves with a stunning transformation from a drug-dependent, unhealthy lifestyle, to a fitness-focused positive outlook on life.

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