MAFS' Booka stuns fans with 'gorgeous' makeover

Married At First Sight's Booka Nile has proven she looks incredible with any hair colour with the reality star dyeing her hair a gorgeous shade of pink after trying out a pink wig a few weeks ago.

The 31-year-old recently debuted her new look after going blonde to prepare for the colourful transformation.

Booka Nile poses for a selfie
Booka shared a photo of her recently dyed hair to Instagram, leaving fans stunned. Photo: Instagram/Booka Nile

In response to a fan who told her she should "go darker, suits you better", Booka explained, "I lightened it to go pink which I’m enjoying atm."


However, other fans have called the look "perfection", saying the MAFS star looks "stunning".

In one snap she jokingly captioned it: "Welcome to hell bitches."

Booka Nile poses in bathroom
Fans commented that they "loved" the new look. Photo: Instagram/Booka Nile

"Beautiful, looks like rose gold pink and it’s gorgeous on you," one user commented.

"Love this colour on you," someone else wrote.

"Marry me please," another added, while many others left fire and heart-eye emojis.

Booka shared a photo from a photoshoot where she wore a pink wig and wrote, "Would have been rude not to dye my hair pink after doing this shoot."

Married At First Sight stars Booka and Brett at their wedding
Some fans believed Booka wrote a song about Brett that trashes him before they broke up on TV. Photo: Nine
Man who looks like Brett in Booka's music video
The man in the video looked an awful lot like Brett. Photo: Facebook

The reality star, who is a singer and songwriter, released a song called 'Beam Me Up Soft/F**kboi' as the show was airing with many believing it was written about her 'husband' Brett Helloing.

Some of the lyrics included, "You’re so predictable and you’ve lost all your appeal. You’re so basic my hymen has gone resealed."

And while she may have written it about someone else, the man who appeared in the music video definitely looked like Brett with his moustache.

The pair parted ways soon after the release of the song, which had fans guessing they wouldn't make it to the final vows.

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