MAFS fans turn on Dom and Ella after 'petty' comments: 'Don't give a s**t'

Married At First Sight star Domenica Calarco has been slammed by fans after she made "horrible" comments about co-star Tamara Djordjevic.

Speaking on the Happy Hour Live with Lucy and Nikki podcast, Dom suggested Tamara had been seeking advice on how to start an OnlyFans.

It came after a controversy during the latest season of MAFS where a nude photo from Dom's OnlyFans was shared between cast members.

"Babe, look, to be honest with you don't even bother because I even don't think anyone will be willing to sign up darl, even if you've got free subscription," Dom said.

"I don't give a s**t, at this point in time, I honestly, like have zero for these people because this s**t I went through and the stuff I had to listen to them say about me on national TV."

Ella Ding – who hosts her own podcast, Sit With Us, with Dom as well as appearing on MAFS – added the producers and directors had "no idea" about the level of drama that was going to happen.

Outraged fans then slammed Dom for her comments about Tamara, with one saying she should let go of the hate and "practise what she preaches".

Dom Calarco poses in front of a sunset.
Dom Calarco was slammed for comments she made about her co-star. Source: Instagram

"Horrible thing to say about a woman ... [Ella] no bloody better, always next to Dom laughing along," one said.

"I can't work you pair out, one breath you go on about shaming women then next breath you putting them down ... sorry won't be listening any more, both need to grow up," one said.

"The pettiness is evident, has been for months, but why continue body shaming people?" another added.

"The pot calling the kettle black. There’s no mincing of words here. From the glass smashing incident to the continuous bullying."

Others however praised Dom for "keeping it real", saying they "love her so much".


Dom doubled downed and defended herself, commenting on the Happy Hour Live Instagram post saying she was "sl*t shamed" and made fun of on national TV because she had OnlyFans.

"It's funny what a couple of months and people posting about their dogs can do," she wrote.

"Tamara never apologised for the horrible things she said about me; if she had this would have never been said. How do I 'move on' when I had to sit and watch THEM say all those horrible things about me.

"It's fine if people don't like me, I know I'm not everyone's cup of tea. But don't try and put me down to their level because I've never sl*t shamed another woman. Just giving her the advice she was wondering about at the reunion."

On the Sit With Us Facebook group, Dom again addressed her comments made during the Happy Hour podcast.

"I understand some people may be upset with the way that I spoke about a certain female, and I understand that wholeheartedly," she started.

"I can support women and not like an individual. If someone is or has been vile against me I don't think there can be any gender generalisation here. I said what I said and some people aren't going to like it.


"As a concept I always support women; always have and always will.

"To achieve a gender balance overall in the world we live in is where I hope one day we will all be. This has nothing to do with supporting or not supporting women. This also doesn't mean I'm going to be pushed around by disingenuous manipulators."

Dom added going forward she would not be doing any more interviews where she is asked about MAFS or fellow contestants.

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