MAFS 2023 has introduced an 'evil' new twist: 'Next level'

The upcoming 2023 MAFS series is set to be the most explosive one yet, with participants involved in heated clashes from the very first episode.

Producers have also introduced a shocking twist to keep the format fresh and full of even more drama.

Three MAFS brides Lyndall Grace, Alyssa Barmonde and Melinda Willis spotted arguing in a carpark
2023 MAFS brides have been spotted in a heated argument during filming. Photo: Supplied

Filming for the 10th season wrapped in Sydney this week, and an inside source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the polarising twist wasn’t received well.

“This season is hectic from the very start and has gone next level,” they explain. “Producers thought the show was starting to feel stagnant with the same format and tasks each year, so they’ve completely flipped everything this time around.


“Halfway through the experiment they introduced one twist that has never been done before, which the couples described as evil. Some participants even threatened to quit and everyone has been sworn to secrecy,” our source says.

The insider adds that a “record number of couples last until the end”, but didn’t say whether it was a record low or record high amount of successful pairings.

Brides Lyndall Grace, Alyssa Barmonde and Melinda Willis have been spotted arguing in a car park during a break from filming, and expert Alessandra Rampolla was also seen looking strained after a day on the show.

L: Alessandra Rampolla looking downcast as she gets into her car. R: Two producers try to hold towels to shield contestants from being photographed
Expert Alessandra Rampolla didn't look happy after filming, and producers have been trying to keep contestants under wraps. Photo: Supplied

MAFS’ ‘celebrity twist’ for 2023

This comes after it was revealed that producers had introduced a ‘celebrity twist’ for the new series.

From a TikTok sensation with 500,000 devoted fans to an already famous British reality star and a former Neighbours actor and a rock star, this year's brides and grooms are anything but ordinary everyday Aussies.

A show source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the decision to cast existing public figures was a strategic one by producers.


“This year's cast have almost one million followers between them and some are already classed as celebrities in certain circles. Producers are hoping this will equate to record-breaking ratings and attract more younger viewers than ever before,” the source says.

“Every year there's pressure to be bigger than the season prior and having a cast full of people already comfortable on camera, who know how to perform, also makes it easier for drama to unfold.”

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