MAFS EXCLUSIVE: The real story behind Sara's cheating scandal as production schedule leaks

Tension boiled over during last night's dinner party after Eden exposed Sara for meeting up with an ex.

The cast of Married At First Sight imploded during Wednesday night's dinner party, as all participants turned on Sara Mesa after it was revealed she'd lied to her husband Tim Calwell about dog sitting for a friend, and went to meet an ex-boyfriend instead.

Eden Harper dropped the bombshell after Sara had confided in her about her plans, with Eden later admitting she felt “anxious and uncomfortable” keeping this news from her husband Jayden Eynaud, Sara's husband Tim and the rest of the group.

However, Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal that how this all played out on TV was not entirely accurate, with a leaked production schedule shedding new light on the scandal.

Below is how things occurred out in real time, as producers intervened to bring Sara's night out with her ex-boyfriend onto the show and dramatise it to the maximum, following mounting pressure for all participants to “up their game”.

Eden Jayden MAFS
Eden tells Jayden what she saw on Sara's phone during the couples' retreat. Photo: Nine

Tuesday, September 12:

Following the quick departures of Madeleine and Ash, and Ben and Ellie, participants are encouraged to start sharing their co-stars' secrets to production to ensure the show continues to gain momentum amid fears the season “peaked too early”.


Friday, September 15:

After wrapping filming for the week, Sara invited Eden and Lauren to drinks with her friends in the city that evening, and asked Eden if she had clothes she could borrow. Sara explained her ex-boyfriend, who lives in Perth, was visiting Sydney and would likely be there as they still have the same group of friends. Eden and Lauren did not attend, and Sara's ex-boyfriend did not end going either.

Saturday, September 16:

Sara went out with her friends again in Sydney as the cast do not film on weekends, and this time her ex-boyfriend was there with the group. They caught up and Sara texted Eden saying she'd seen her ex-boyfriend, but did not plan on telling Tim as “it'd cause unnecessary drama”.

Tim Sara MAFS
Things were actually going well for Tim and Sara... Photo: Nine

Sunday, September 17:

Sara, Tim, Lauren, Eden and Jayden all went for cocktails and then Thai food in Sydney's Surry Hills as an off-camera group hang-out. Eden had told Jayden about Sara seeing her ex-boyfriend the evening before.

Monday, September 18:

Each couple had a private catch-up with their individual producers to share what they'd been up to over the weekend, ahead of the entire cast flying to Byron Bay that afternoon for the retreat. Eden and Jayden told their producer about their double date with Sara and Tim, and how Sara had seen her ex-boyfriend on Saturday.

It has been alleged their producer said this would be “their moment” to “become main characters” again, after failing to secure much airtime since Jayden's confession about sleeping with his ex's best friend in front of her.

Tuesday, September 19:

Eden is advised to distance herself from Sara and Lauren at the retreat whilst building momentum for the secret she is sitting on.

MAFS' dramatic dinner party saw a new cheating saga emerge. Photo: Nine
Last night's dinner party saw tensions boil over. Photo: Nine

Wednesday, September 20:

Eden is removed from the group to act out a scene telling Jayden about Sara's secret, despite having already told him four days prior.


Thursday, September 21:

Producers continue to keep Eden away from Sara and Tim as the cast return to Sydney, telling Eden that under no circumstances can she share Sara's “secret” with anybody – or explain why she'd ignored Sara all week, despite previously being close friends – until everybody is at the dinner party.

Friday, September 22:

Producers remove Eden, Sara and Tim from the dinner party to privately film her spilling Sara's big “secret” to her husband – before then circulating the news amongst the group.

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