MAFS star drops major bombshell about Tim and Sara's relationship

EXCLUSIVE: Tahnee Cook has revealed Sara Mesa wasn't saying the "nicest" things about Tim Calwell during filming.

Married At First Sight star Tahnee Cook has dropped a bombshell confession about this year's contestants Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell during an appearance on Yahoo Lifestyle's podcast Behind The Edit.

When discussing the phone-swapping task from this year's Confessions Week and Sara's refusal to show Tim her phone, Tahnee called the challenge 'conflicting' before spilling some piping hot tea.

2023 MAFS bride Tahnee Cook. Photo: Yahoo
2023 MAFS bride Tahnee Cook. Photo: Yahoo

'She wasn't saying the nicest things'

"I know I wouldn't love someone going through my phone just because I have embarrassing stuff that I wouldn't want to explain, so I can understand," Tahnee said.

"So I can understand why with someone you've just met, like do you want to be sharing all that stuff in there, but I know Sara was messaging Ollie [Skelton] and she wasn't saying the nicest things about Tim.

"Maybe she actually didn't want certain stuff to be shown because obviously he's going to have his insecurities about why, because at the end of the day if someone really wants to go through it, let them go through it, if you don't have nothing to hide."

She continued: "I remember Ollie mentioning this to me when we were together and I was like, 'Oh that's a bit weird and then we just... we forgot about it, and then I was like 'Oh it's that couple'. She didn't really have the nicest things to say, so then watching it now it's interesting.


Explaining how Sara and Ollie knew each other, Tahnee said they hadn't met previously.

"I think she had reached out after listening to his podcast, you know, a couple people reach out asking for advice and stuff. He didn't show me the messages which is interesting but anyway we'll leave that!"

Sara and Tim MAFS
Sara refused to hand over her phone to Tim during a Confessions Week challenge. Photo: Nine

'Had nothing to hide'

Meanwhile, a source told Yahoo Lifestyle that Sara refused to participate in the phone-swap challenge as it'd 'expose' producers.

“Sara had nothing to hide but she knew the second she handed her iPhone over the producers would find a way to bring anything they saw on there onto the show as a storyline," the insider revealed.

"This includes messages to her mum and family about a private incident unrelated to filming, and entries in her notepad that she uses as a diary. She felt like the whole thing was just a gross invasion of privacy disguised as a constructive task for production to obtain private information,” they said.

The source added that Tim “never even wanted to see the phone” but “producers fed him the lines about having trust issues because he'd previously been cheated on so they could build a story arc from Sara's refusal” as they'd become “too boring”.

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