MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Richard speaks out on rumours surrounding his relationship with Andrea

Richard has set the record straight after speculation about his relationship.

After sparks initially flew between them, Richard Sauerman and Andrea Thompson have been growing apart in recent episodes of Married At First Sight with their future now looking uncertain.

During Sunday's commitment ceremony, Andrea expressed she felt “disrespected” by Richard discussing their sex life with the group – with the pair then having their first fight ahead of this week's lunch with their loved ones on Tuesday night.

Although the episode ended on a positive note between them, Yahoo Lifestyle was told early on during the MAFS season airing that things didn't work out long-term between Andrea and Richard.

"They're no longer a couple," an insider said, going on to say the pair haven't "really kept in touch" after filming the show.

Recently, Richard was spotted out at an event with Collins Christian, where a source said Andrea was nowhere in sight and questioned whether he was enjoying attention from the younger women.

MAFS' Richard and Collins
Richard and Collins were spotted at an exclusive event rubbing shoulders with former MAFS stars. Photo: Supplied

"Richard was loving life" the insider told Yahoo Lifestyle. "It definitely didn't look like he had a wife at home still.

"He spent a long time chatting to younger women, including Carolina from a few seasons ago."


Richard speaks out

Richard has now refuted claims he was pursuing anyone else, telling Yahoo Lifestyle that any claims of him pursuing or dating "younger women" are "untrue."

"Anyone watching the show can see how into Andie I was and to suggest her age was in any way an issue is total fabrication," he said. "Blind Freddy can see how into her I was."

Andrea and Richard on MAFS
Sparks flew between Richard and Andrea on their wedding day. Photo: Nine

Where do Richard and Andrea stand now?

The couple seemed to survive their first conflict on the show during this week's episodes of MAFS, but we'll just have to wait and see how their journey unfolds from here on out!

Andrea is not following Richard on Instagram on his non-MAFS account that he uses for his motivational speaking work, which may be another hint that things may not have worked out between the pair... however, he is still following Andrea and the two were spotted enjoying a coffee together just a couple of weeks ago.

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