MAFS EXCLUSIVE: MAFS star reacts to Jack's misogynistic outburst: 'So many layers of misogyny'

2023 MAFS bride Janelle Han has slammed 'alpha groom' Jack's misogynistic comment about Lauren Dunn.

Married At First Sight fans were horrified after self-appointed 'alpha' groom Jack Dunkley unleashed on Lauren Dunn during last night's dinner party, telling her husband Jono McCullough to "muzzle your woman".

The disgusting comment kicked off a hell of a lot of drama at the dinner party, with many calling Jack out in their voxxies, but not to his face.

Jack Lauren muzzle your woman MAFS
MAFS' Jack shocked fellow participants after his derogatory comment towards Lauren. Photos: Channel Nine

Former MAFS bride Janelle Han knows exactly what it's like to be partnered with someone who's into using the 'bro code' as a way of dodging responsibility for their behaviour. Upon seeing Jack's comment towards Lauren in an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle's Behind The Edit podcast, Janelle was left disgusted.

"It's the way that he said it as well," she said. "It was used as a weapon. There are so many layers of misogyny there that is just unbelievable.


"Firstly, 'muzzle your woman', you're dehumanising the woman to an animal, and not to mention muzzling is, let's just say it, it's an act of violence to silence a woman. You want them to be obedient, it's disgusting on so many levels.

"When men say they want a woman to challenge them, it means they want this woman to challenge them then bend over straight away afterwards," she finished.

2023 MAFS star Janelle Han. Photo: Supplied
2023 MAFS star Janelle Han. Photo: Supplied

Jack apologises for derogatory comment

Speaking with Brisbane's B105 Breakfast show, Stav, Abby & Matt, Jack said he regretted his comments and labelled himself a "man at breaking point".

“If someone said that to my wife, I probably would have been arrested that night. I would have jumped over the table," he said.

"That was a man at breaking point, Lauren’s very good at what she does and we had a very good battle. I broke, I snapped, I said some dumb s***.”

He then said he apologised to Lauren and that she accepted his apology.

“I did apologise to Lauren that night and we did have a little bit of a hug and makeup session, she accepted the apology.”

A production insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle that Jack and Lauren’s reconciliation happened off-camera, which is why viewers didn’t see them being friendly in the episode.

Subscribe to Yahoo Lifestyle's podcast Behind The Edit and listen to the full interview with Janelle Han here.

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