MAFS: Madeleine's bizarre video announcing a 'rebrand' unearthed

An old Instagram video shows the psychic medium may have also been looking to launch a music career.

Madeleine Maxwell (Jevic) has made quite a splash on Married At First Sight as the show's first psychic medium, and while it's no secret the new bride used to be an actress, a video of her has been unearthed where she talks about leaving acting and social media to pursue a career as an "artist".

On MAFS, Madeleine has detailed that she left acting and pursued a career as a psychic medium, but an old social media video shows that she may have also been looking to launch a music career.

In a video on a fan page, Madeleine is seen speaking to the camera as she talks about going on a social media hiatus.

Madeleine Maxwell on MAFS
Madeleine has already caused a stir on MAFS. Photo: Nine

Madeleine talks about 'rebranding' after acting

"Hey guys, my name is Maddy, I did live a life on television three years ago and then I dropped out of life in general...well social media, people consider me a hologram now," she joked.

"I am back, and I'm here to say I'm rebranding, and I'd love you guys to follow my new page, it's an artist name, it's a beautiful name in reference to my nephew, love him so much and I hope you guys enjoy the content."


Madeleine then finished the video thanking her fans, before making a random swipe towards Instagram too.

"And Instagram, I really hope we can work together, man. Like, I have never liked you, I have never liked you Instagram! And I'm going to f***ig make it work this time, yeah, show them who's boss."

A further scroll at Maddy's fan page shows that the former actresses' TikTok was filled with videos of her dancing and singing, covering The Kooks' song 'Naive' and also debuting some of her own original music. The fan page links back now to deactivated accounts perhaps previously owned by Madeleine.

The fan page also shows Madeleine had a close friendship with Sam Frost when they were filming Home and Away together, with the two filming dancing videos and other content hanging out.

Is Madeleine acting on MAFS?

An insider told Yahoo Lifestyle that Madeleine didn't easily make friends with the other participants as some of the cast members thought she was acting.

"As the weeks passed, Madeleine didn't have many friends in the cast and most became convinced she was conducting her own social experiment within the experiment of the show," they share.

"They think once the show has wrapped she's going to come out and say she was secretly playing a character all along, wanting to see if she could fool Australia, [and] then try to relaunch her acting career. Even now that months have passed since filming wrapped half of them are baffled by her."

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