MAFS’ Ella ‘humiliated’ by Made in Chelsea fling's secret: ‘You’re a liar’

Married at First Sight star Ella Ding has furiously confronted her Made in Chelsea fling Miles Nazaire after she discovered a secret he had been keeping from her. The reality star discovered her love interest had been hiding something on her last night in London after he brutally dumped her.

Ella travelled to London after she had been chatting to the Made in Chelsea star on social media, appearing on the latest season to explore their relationship.

After they attended a garden party on the show, Miles seemed "off" and the MAFS star met up with Miles to get some clarity on their relationship. He told her he thought he was ready for something more serious, but he didn't feel about Ella the way he expected to.

Ella Ding with an upset expression.
Ella Ding was crushed as Miles broke up with her. Source: Channel 4

"I genuinely thought when you were coming over, not that like, 'Oh, this is it, cool, single life for Miles is over', but we had conversations about settling down and past relationships and I guess I put a lot of thought behind you being here and it being a bit more serious than what it was," he told her in the latest Made in Chelsea episode.

"I have felt a certain emptiness for the last five years ... I miss being close to someone.

"I wasn't lying when I said the last six weeks now of us being in contact, talking to you, you being here, yes, I genuinely had feelings for you but I thought I was going to feel a certain way and I just didn't."


Ella was crushed by the break-up and said she felt like she was going through the same thing she had in the past, just with a different man. She told him, however, she appreciated his honesty.

Ella discovers Miles' secret

Later in the episode at Ella's going away party during her last night in London, she was discussing the break-up with Made in Chelsea co-stars Emily, Gareth and Ollie when she discovered Miles had not been completely honest with her.

"He pulled the pin a bit which was hard to hear, I've definitely had a few moments there where I was like, 'S***, this is sad', but he's been so honest with the way he's feeling and I'm grateful for that," she said.

Ollie then asked her if Miles had been honest about everything, and told her about the whole "Yasmine thing".

Ella looked confused before Ollie realised he had put his foot in it.

"After the garden party when you went home all in the same car, apparently [Miles and Yasmine] were chatting away having a wonderful time," he told her.

"You got out with Miles and then you went separate [ways]. Then Miles texted her and asked her out for drinks."

Ella's furious confrontation

Ella broke down in tears before later confronting Miles and Yasmine as they were chatting at the club. She stormed over and refused to give Yasmine a hug.

"Is there anything you need to tell me? All I've been saying to everyone, friends and family, is how honest you've been and I don't know, is there anything you haven't told me," she snapped at Miles.

He then attempted to defend himself, saying he asked Yasmine for drinks because she was feeling lonely and her family was away. Yasmine was however confused and said, "I wasn't lonely".

Ella Ding confronts Miles Nazaire in a night club.
Ella Ding confronted Miles over his text to another girl. Source: Channel 4

Miles claimed the message has been "blown out of proportion" but Ella kept slamming him.

"How do you think that would make me feel finding out now the day before I leave after everything that you have said ... now it just feels like you're a liar and you're s*** and that's the way it looks," she said.


Miles said he was sorry and it wasn't his intention before Ella spat out, "Your apologies are f***ing empty".

"I am feeling alone in your f***ing country that I have come to and yes it didn't go to plan and whatever, I accepted that, but that just makes me feel even more alone the day before I leave and that's f***ing s***, I feel really humiliated in a way at my going away party."

'I invested a lot of my energy'

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle last week, Ella said she wouldn't do a show like Made in Chelsea again.

“It's more like they're acting and I'm definitely not an actress,” she said. “They make it look like it's a movie and it’s pretty amazing, but there were definitely times where it was like, ‘action’, ‘cut’, ‘redo’ and I was like, ‘Guys, I'm only going to say this line once’.

“I wouldn't do that style of TV again, but I would do reality TV again. I don't know, they say the third time's a charm! I would really have to be careful because both times really took it out of me and I invested a lot of my energy into both men so I’d just have to be really careful.”

Speaking about her Made In Chelsea experience, Ella explained that it “definitely wasn’t a planned thing” for her to fly to London to meet up with her then-love interest Miles and be a part of the show.

Ella Ding stands in Chelsea Square with doing a shush gesture with her finger.
Ella Ding says she wouldn't do a show like Made in Chelsea again. Source: Twitter

“It was definitely not what I expected,” she remarks. “I didn't really understand the show, I'd never heard of Made In Chelsea before or watched it, so I didn't really understand what 'constructed reality TV' meant.”

She adds that the experience was “totally different” to MAFS and she actually found it to be more difficult.

“Maybe it was because I was in another country, I was by myself, I was going on a show that these people already had solid foundations on,” she details. “It was pretty lonely out there and then when things kind of just happened on the show, it was just so confusing in the brain and I was like, ‘I'm ready to come home’.

“But again, I can always take away the positives. Even though it was one of the hardest things I've done in such a short period, there were still such amazing memories and it still was so amazing and I learned so much and I grew so much and all that stuff.”

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