MAFS' Elizabeth Sobinoff confirms pregnancy rumours: 'I'm excited'

The former Married At First Sight star has addressed speculation around her changing figure.

Former MAFS star Elizabeth Sobinoff has confirmed she is expecting her first child with her husband Alexander Vega. Rumours have been flying around the star over the past few weeks, with a slew of fans commenting about her body on social media.

The reality TV star has been bombarded with ‘insensitive’ comments about her possibly wearing a maternity bra and many fans have pointed out her potential pregnancy bump. On Sunday, she addressed the speculation on Instagram, and called fans out for ‘focusing on a woman’s body’.

Two selfies of MAFS star Elizabeth Sobinoff
Former MAFS star Elizabeth Sobinoff is expecting her first child. Photo: Instagram/lizalizzieelizabeth

“Looking at some of these comments in the last few posts I’ve done. Always so much focus on a woman’s body (I’ve had more than my fair share). I’m navigating my body right now, so many changes, especially internally (I’ve been pretty sick),” she told fans.

“I also understand so many people are excited. So am I!!!! It’s an exciting time in our (my partner) lives right now. I’ll talk about my experience with it in the future. Mama bear is just nesting right now.”


Her fellow MAFS stars were quick to send their congratulations in the comment section, with Liam Cooper writing: “Aww congratulations, you’ll make a wonderful mother.”

“Congratulations beautiful, and soo happy it’s finally announced! (Although you didn’t have to), you’re going to be the best Mumma ever xx,” added MAFS NZ star Samuel Levi.

“Ohhhh my goodness!!! YAY!!! Congratulations my beautiful friend…such fabulous news! You are going to be a wonderful mother xx,” wrote Sarah Roza.

MAFS star Elizabeth Sobinoff standing in a field
Fans have been sharing their theories around Elizabeth's changing body on social media. Photo: Instagram/lizalizzieelizabeth

Her fans also shared their joy and slammed those who had been speculating about Elizabeth’s pregnancy before she confirmed the news.

“I was beginning to get super frustrated seeing people jumping to conclusions in your comments sections lately. This is the time you’ll see how truly remarkable our bodies are! Congratulations. You're always stunning but you’ve got even more of a glow now,” one fan gushed.


“Here’s the difference between being a decent human being and not…I’m a mother myself, I recognise the stance and did I think to myself that I predict a baby? Absolutely. The difference is I thought it to myself in my head and then here’s the kicker, I CHOSE NOT TO COMMENT OR SAY ANYTHING because that’s what a decent human would do. Some people just need to learn to zip their gobs,” another pointed out.

“Congratulations lovely Lizzie, I thought you may have been [pregnant] but not my place to ask. You look absolutely radiant and I understand the not being well. Take care of yourself from here on in because this precious little bundle is coming into the arms of a beautiful mummy,” a third chimed in.

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