MAFS' Elizabeth: Why I love my body

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

Married At First Sight star Sam Ball raised eyebrows when he called TV wife Elizabeth Sobinoff a “bit bigger” and not “as slim as the girls I’ve dated in the past” behind her back. 

But having now seen the footage, Elizabeth says it’s not a complete shock her partner made the body-shaming comments, and perhaps she should’ve expected it.

“You get to know him and don’t put it past him to make a comment like that,” the 27-year-old tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“It’s not like it’s a slip of the tongue either. Sometimes, it’s a pressure cooker environment [and] we’re all nervous, we’re all excited and sometimes we blurt out things. But it was the fact that he kept going with it,” she continues.

Married At First Sight’s Elizabeth Sobinoff says TV husband Sam Ball’s body-shaming comments were no ‘slip of the tongue’. Photo: Instagram/lizalizzieelizabeth

Throughout filming, Sam gave Elizabeth no reason to suspect he was not a fan of her appearance.

“He said it doesn’t matter as long as they’re a good person,” she reveals.

“He would buy me chocolate, and then he’d be like, ‘Have you eaten?’,” she reveals. ‘And I’d be like, ‘No, I’m good’. And he’d be like, ‘No no I’ll get you something, let me order you something’.”

So what do Sam’s comments mean to her?

“It’s just unfortunate that some people have a narrow-minded view of that,” says Elizabeth.

Sam made comments about Elizabeth’s body behind her back. Photo: Channel Nine

“I love my body. I know I’ve got the heavy bottom half but I like that, and I enjoy that and I’m very body confident. I think all women should be body confident.

“I’ve always been taught to love my shape no matter what size I am, so I do. I just want to get the message out there that females are beautiful no matter what shape or size.”

Someone who certainly wasn’t impressed with Sam’s comments was Elizabeth’s bridesmaid Beth.

She’s very proud of her body. Photo: Instagram/lizalizzieelizabeth

“We weren’t seeing any of that on the wedding day. He was encouraging them that there was something there and that’s what he was saying to my mother as well and to my bridesmaids,” the reality star revealed.

“But when Beth had heard it, she was absolutely livid. She was like, ‘You’re not even a big girl, and you’ve got shape to you but you’re beautiful’.

We couldn’t agree more.

Married At First Sight continues at 7:30pm on Channel Nine.

The reality star hopes to encourage other women to be confident with their bodies. Photo: Instagram/lizalizzieelizabeth

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