MAFS' Domenica shocks with bizarre X-rated alien confession

Dom didn't hold back when speaking about what she wants aliens to do to her.

Married At First Sight’s Domenica Calarco shocked her podcast listeners this week when she revealed how she wants to be probed by aliens.

Speaking on Sit With Us with her co-host Ella Ding, Dom shared that she’s “open” to having an experience with extraterrestrials and wouldn’t mind if they “stick something up [her] a**”.

MAFS’ Ella Ding looking shocked / Domenica Calarco speaking.
MAFS’ Domenica Calarco said she wants aliens to “stick something up [her] a**’. Photos: Instagram/sitwithuspod

“If I’m putting it out to the universe now, I want an alien to come and probe me,” she said, which left Ella stunned.

“That’s what they do, babe,” Dom continued. “They come and stick something up your a**, they probe you, and they try and get your information.”

“Because they don’t have a rectum,” Ella chimed in. “They don’t have rectums. In Men in Black, it said that.”


After a clip of the conversation was shared on social media, fans took to the comments to share their thoughts on Dom’s hilarious insight.

“Yeah agree - I so would go up into the ship for sure,” one person wrote.

“She wants to be Analised,” another joked.

“@domenica.calarco and @ellamayding are such an absolute delight to listen to my god I love them so much,” a third shared, followed by someone else who said, “You guys make my days better”.

Ella reacts to Mitch's brother Jayden on MAFS

This comes after Ella told Yahoo Lifestyle she was shocked to learn that Jayden Eynaud, the brother of her former TV ‘husband’ Mitch, was joining the cast of MAFS 2024.

“I was very surprised,” she said. “Obviously we all know that Mitch was the biggest hater of the show, [he] wanted to leave, he despised production and producers and cast members, and me at some point.

“So it's pretty surprising. I met him [Jayden] a couple of times and it was only brief. He was nice, but what I do know is they're very different.”


Ella went on to share that her relationship with Mitch is now a “memory of the past”.

“I haven't seen or spoken to him in a pretty long time,” she revealed. “It's weird how, like, you just move on... even still to this day, MAFS has changed my life in the most amazing ways.”

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