MAFS' Coco Stedman shows off lockdown surgery transformation

She caused quite the stir when she appeared on this year’s Married At First Sight and now Coco Stedman has revealed she’s changed up her look during lockdown.

The 30-year-old pilates studio owner from NSW took to her Instagram account to show off the results of her lip lift, telling fans: “Full transparency - I didn't get my lips done. I got a lip lift. You can ask me anything you want about it.”

Coco Stedman on MAFS
MAFS' Coco Stedman has undergone a lockdown surgery transformation. Photo: Channel Nine

Later, in a series of Instagram stories, Coco opened up about the procedure, which according to Healthline “is an in-office surgical procedure that shortens the space between the nose and the top of the lip”.

Coco explained how she managed to get the procedure done even with Covid-19 restrictions in place.

“You can get elective surgery in lockdown,” Coc wrote on her Instagram Stories.


“I had to get surgery inside my mouth for something else so whilst I was under I was like, let's do this.

“There are that many girls who have gotten nose jobs, boob jobs, and BBLs [Brazilian Butt Lifts] in lockyD - y'all ain't ready for what's going to emerge this summer,” she said alongside a laughing emoji.

Coco Stedman in Drew purple sweater
Coco revealed she got a lip lift. Photo: Instagram/Coco Stedman
Coco Stedman walking outside after lip lift
She said she is still recovering from the procedure. Photo: Instagram/Coco Stedman

Coco also shared a confronting image from her bed after her surgery, showing her with a bandage on her face and swollen lips.

“Lip lift alone would be OK. Probably a lil brutal,” she said.

“Pain is worse now. My BF is one of the funniest people I know and when I laugh (I try not to) but it feels like you're getting slice by a hot knife.”

MAFS Coco Stedman in recovery after lip lift
The reality star shared this confronting photo of her recovery. Photo: Instagram/Coco Stedman
MAFS Coc Stedman explaining her lip lift
Coco said "you can get elective surgery in lockdown'". Photo: Instagram/Coco Stedman

The former reality star said her she’s still recovering after the procedure and she can’t really talk or smile sas she’s “still extremely swollen”.

Coco said she decided to share the details of her lip lift as she “haaaaaaates people who get things done and then lie”

“Things to remember. 1. Just cause I'm self conscious about something and decide to get a procedure done to change it, doesn't mean you have to. 2. It's my face, my decision, my life,” she wrote.

Back in August, Coco stunned fans when she showed off her hair transformation, going from deep brunette to a short blonde bob.

MAFS Coco and Sam at the altar in 2021
Coco didn't find love on Married At First Sight. Photo: Channel Nine

"Turns out I’m not ugly, just needed to borrow Serena’s hair," she wrote, referencing a mannequin she nicknamed Serena earlier this year for a first aid course. Serena had blonde hair, which Coco has seemingly taken for the snap.

"You suit blonde soo much!" one follower wrote, while another former MAFS star Hayley Vernon added, "You look THAT good blonde."

While Coco didn’t find love on the controversial reality show with Sam Carraro, she met a mystery man who she has yet to share details of on her social media accounts.

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