MAFS' Bryce defends parenting after violent brawl: 'Are you a perfect parent?'

Former Married At First Sight groom Bryce Ruthven has hit back at critics who took aim at his parenting skills after he was involved in a violent confrontation at a celebrity boxing match.

The new father, who welcomed twin sons with his fiancé Melissa Rawson in October, was filmed getting into a physical altercation with his MAFS co-star Sam Carraro outside the ring at a Melbourne boxing event on Friday.

Bryce Ruthven and Sam Carraro fighting.
Bryce Ruthven and Sam Carraro were involved in a ringside scuffle on Friday. Photos: Instagram/nick_furphy86

Footage shared online of the incident shows the former TV rivals lunging at each other and exchanging punches as Melissa tries to step in between them.

After receiving criticism for his behaviour as a parent, Bryce took to social media to respond and explain his actions.

“We’re allowed to have a night out to go and celebrate Christmas like anyone else is doing for work parties or with their friends,” he said on his Instagram Story.


One follower also took to the comments and accused Bryce of getting involved with Sam purely for the “drama”.

“I wouldn't be carrying on like this if my children were in hospital. It's not hard to stay away from drama or just leave. They love this s**t obviously,” they remarked.

It didn’t take long for Bryce to reply, writing: “We did stay away from any drama and were having a great night until [Sam] instigated his usual rubbish.”

The radio host clapped back at another critic: “Having children has nothing to do with this situation. Are you a perfect parent?”

Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson.
Bryce clapped back at critics and said that ‘having children has nothing to do with this situation’. Photo: Instagram/bryceruthven

Bryce’s comments come shortly after he and Melissa shared a video on Instagram speaking out about the ringside scuffle and sharing their side of the story.

“I called him a flog. I don't think there's anything wrong with calling him a flog, people around us were calling him much worse,” Bryce claimed, adding that he’s a “lover not a fighter”.

“He stood there, I went up to the rope, things happened. He then had a second bite and came underneath the rope cause when Liss stood up, basically put her in danger.”

Melissa added: “I put my hands up to prevent the situation from escalating and pushed Sam back.”

While Bryce claims he “never threw a punch”, he says Sam “threw multiple punches” but none of them connected.

“The fact that he had a closed fist around a woman is just disgusting behaviour,” he added. “He's interested in creating this publicity, persona, that there's some feud. I've got no interest in it. I don't have anything to do with him literally outside of a TV show.”

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