MAFS' Bryce says he 'never threw a punch' during violent clash with co-star

Married at First Sight stars Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson have spoken out and shared their side of the story, after they were involved in a violent confrontation with former co-star Sam Carraro on Friday night.

Footage showed Bryce and Sam getting into a scuffle ring-side at the Team Ellis celebrity boxing match in Melbourne, with Bryce and Melissa then recording a video and sharing it to Instagram on Saturday, before later removing it.

mafs bryce and melissa video statement
Bryce and Melissa shared a video to Instagram on Saturday. Photo: Instagram/bryceruthven

"So you've probably all seen last night some videos of a boxing event here in Melbourne," Bryce began in the clip that featured both him and fiancée Melissa.

"So Sam (Carraro) has won his boxing fight, we were at the fight. He was saying all this stuff like f**king gonzo, f**king Bryce, p**sy, all this sort of stuff."

Bryce added he was a "lover not a fighter".

"We're allowed to have a night out and go and celebrate Christmas like anyone else is doing for work parties or with their friends," he continued.


Melissa said there had been "verbal exchanges" between Bryce and Sam all throughout the event, before things escalated once Sam stepped out of the ring.

"I called him a flog. I don't think there's anything wrong with calling him a flog, people around us were calling him much worse," Bryce insisted.

"He stood there, I went up to the rope, things happened. He then had a second bite and came underneath the rope cause when Liss stood up, basically put her in danger."

Melissa added: "I put my hands up to prevent the situation from escalating and pushed Sam back."

Bryce claims he "never threw a punch", while Sam "threw multiple punches" though none of them connected.

"The fact that he had a closed fist around a woman is just disgusting behaviour," he added, angrily.

"He's interested in creating this publicity, persona, that there's some feud. I've got no interest in it. I don't have anything to do with him literally outside of a TV show."

Bryce concluded the clip by asking for people to "just move on", while also thanking their fans for the support in the caption.

mafs punches at boxing match
Sam and Bryce could be seen lunging at each other and exchanging punches. Photos: Instagram/NickFurphy

In footage shared by another member of the MAFS cast Nick Furphy, Sam and Bryce could be seen lunging at each other and exchanging punches as Bryce's fiancée Melissa Rawson tried to step between them.

According to the reports, Sam had won his fight against Love Island star Todd Elton, before challenging his former TV rival Bryce to a future bout.

Daily Mail Australia reported that Melissa, who welcomed premature twin sons in October, was injured during the struggle, though she didn't mention that in their video statement.

Sam and Bryce clashed many times during Married At First Sight this year, with one fight during a heated dinner party leading to Bryce throwing a glass of water at Sam.

Sam - who was 'married' Coco on the controversial reality series - claimed he had seen Melissa 'crying on the balcony' during the series, and repeatedly called out Bryce's treatment of his TV wife.

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