MAFS bride Tahnee's surprising past with Harry Styles revealed

A storyline involving the Married At First Sight bride and the One Direction singer was cut.

A storyline involving MAFS bride Tahnee Cook and Harry Styles has been cut from the Channel Nine reality show. Yahoo Lifestyle can reveal the PR manager was filmed expressing her hopes that her husband would resemble the pop star, after previously catching the singer's attention online.

In her teenage years, Tahnee was a die-hard One Direction fan and organised a huge flash mob dancing to the boy band outside the Sydney Opera House.

MAFS bride Tahnee Cook in a side-by-side with Harry Styles
MAFS bride Tahnee Cook has been revealed to have a surprising past with One Direction's Harry Styles. Photo: Nine and Getty

A video from the event ended up going viral, with Harry Styles and Niall Horan commenting on it during press interviews and complimenting Tahnee and the fans involved.

“There's like a video of about 100 One Direction fans doing a dance,” Harry said on Today in 2012. “They taught each other the dance by putting YouTube videos on to teach people, and then they met up and videoed it. We saw the video of them in Sydney and it looked amazing.”

The following year, Tahnee organised a second – and even bigger – flash mob for the group, which racked up millions of views online and kickstarted her career in PR and music management.

Since then, Tahnee has been obsessed with Harry Styles and joked before her wedding that she hoped her husband would resemble the pop star – but this was all cut from TV.

MAFS' Tahnee in a One Direction flash mob
Tahnee taking part in a One Direction flash mob in a video that has over 4.6 million views. Photo: YouTube
MAFS' Tahnee and Ollie
Tahnee and 'husband' Ollie appear to be one of the strongest couples on the show. Photo: Nine

While he might not be Harry's twin, Tahnee's 'husband' Ollie Skelton appears to be the perfect match for her.

The sweet couple bonded at the altar over their shared love of takeaways, and Ollie was blown away after learning about Tahnee’s Thai heritage. When the bubbly blonde shared that her favourite thing to do is cook Thai food with her mum, he revealed that Thai is his favourite cuisine.

Tahnee’s sister and close friend told producers that they were “obsessed” with her match, giving the couple the seal of approval.

Leaked photos of Tahnee and Ollie also appear to show they are still going strong, with fans no doubt excited to see more of the bubbly pair.

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