The Grammys 2023: The good, the bad, and the ugly

From Taylor Swift's sweet reunion to Dr. Dre's controversial award, here's what you need to know.

👍 The Good: Taylor Swift reunites with ex Harry Styles

👎 The Bad: JLo and Ben Affleck clash on camera

😡 The Ugly: Dr. Dre accepts controversial award

The 65th Grammy Awards were filled with excitement on Monday night, with Beyoncé smashing records to officially become the most-awarded solo artist ever with her 32nd win. While many fans were furious she was “robbed” of clinching Album of the Year with Renaissance, others were ecstatic to see Harry Styles walk away with the award.

From Taylor’s reunion with Harry, JLo’s public spat with Ben Affleck and Dr. Dre winning a controversial award, here’s everything you need to know about what happened on the music industry’s biggest night of the year.

Two photos of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck looking upset at The Grammys 2023.
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck looked annoyed during the evening. Photo: Getty & CBS (Getty Images & CBS)

Taylor Swift supports ex Harry Styles: ’Genuinely supportive’

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles had a fleeting relationship in 2012 but called it quits not long after. Fans are convinced that Taylor’s hit Style from her first pop album 1989 was about the Adore You singer, but it’s clear there’s no bad blood between the two.

When Harry took to the stage to perform his biggest hit As It Was, viewers spotted Taylor dancing in the crowd. Fans applauded her for being “genuinely supportive” and a “cheerleader” for other artists.

The exes looked more like old friends catching up, with Taylor approaching Harry at his table and giving him a quick hug before chatting with the singer.

“I really do love their friendship, it’s a pretty good example of a healthy breakup and how they don’t all have to be ugly,” one fan wrote on social media.

L: Taylor Swift greeting Harry Styles. R: Taylor Swift arriving at the Grammy Awards
Taylor Swift and Harry Styles reunited at the Grammy Awards. Photo: Getty (Getty Images)


JLo and Ben’s embarrassing spat goes viral

Elsewhere in the awards show, a candid moment between Jennifer Lopez and her husband Ben Affleck quickly went viral. The pair, unaware they were being filmed, appeared to have a very public fight.

After Ben whispered something into JLo’s ear, her body language indicated she was annoyed at her partner. The Shotgun Wedding star quickly adjusted her stance and pasted a smile on her face when she realised Grammys host Trevor Noah was sitting next to her and being filmed.

Ben didn’t try to hide his boredom during the night, with another clip of the power couple going viral. While JLo was dancing excitedly during a Motown tribute performed by Stevie Wonder, Chris Stapleton and Smokey Robinson, the Batman star looked miserable as he nodded his head slightly to the beat.


Fans slam The Grammys for celebrating Dr Dre

Dr. Dre was honoured at the award ceremony with the newly created Dr. Dre Global Impact Award for his successful hip-hop career. However, fans were horrified that the Recording Academy would support an ‘abuser’.

In 1991, the rapper was accused of attacking journalist Dee Barnes, a case he ended up settling out of court. Confirming the abuse in a Rolling Stone interview, Dr. Dre claimed their fight wasn’t “a big thing”, adding he “just threw her through a door”.

Fans didn’t hold back, taking to Twitter to express their extreme disappointment.

“Dr. Dre receiving a lifetime achievement award. I don’t want to hear y’all say that abuse allegations ‘ruin’ careers ever again [because] this man’s career has grown tenfold despite being an abuser,” one person wrote.

“They just throw things out to anyone. Dr. Dre is a known abuser and the Grammy’s is naming an award after them. A win for misogyny,” another pointed out.

Dr. Dre receiving an award at the 2023 Grammy Awards
Dr. Dre was honoured at the award ceremony. Photo: Getty (Getty Images)


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