MAFS bride Jo Todd speaks out after losing job: 'Not anti-vax'

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Former Married At First Sight bride Jo Todd has spoken out after announcing she'd lost her job at a Melbourne barbershop in the wake of new Covid vaccination requirements.

The 40-year-old tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she is 'not anti-vax at all' and that the video she posted to her Instagram account on Thursday has been 'blown out of proportion'.

Screenshots from an Instagram video posted by Married At First Sight star Joanne Todd. Photo: Instagram/jotodd9.
Former Married At First Sight star Joanne Todd has spoken out after sharing news that she 'lost her job' over the Covid vaccine. Photo: Instagram/jotodd9.

'Not anti-vax'

The reality star says she shared the video to inform her clients that she wouldn't be returning to work at the shop in Frankston.

"I was making a post to genuinely let my clients know of 12 years that I [won't] be there anymore. I have very loyal clients who specifically see me," she explains.

Jo claims she's not opposed to the Covid vaccine but says people who choose not to get the vaccine are being treated 'unfairly'.

"I want people to know that I am not anti-vax at all. I do think it should be a choice.

"I also think it's unfair how the unvaccinated are being treated for their own rights to not choose to get the vaccine. I just believe that everyone should have a choice with their own bodies and not come with rules."


According to the state's Covid roadmap, only vaccinated people will be allowed into hairdressers, beauty and personal care businesses once metropolitan Melbourne reaches its goal of a 70 percent vaccination rate, which is expected to happen by October 26.

Jo went on to say that she feels like her video has been 'blown out of proportion' and that she's willing to cater to all clients regardless of their vaccination status when she established her home salon.

"This post has blown way out of proportion. I won't discriminate, that's why I said I would cut the unvaccinated and the vaccinated.

She has made the decision to 'wait a little longer' to get a Covid vaccine despite the national push for people to get the jab as soon as possible.

"I'm not saying I'll never get a vaccine. I am just choosing to wait a little longer."

Married At First Sight 2021 bride Joanne, 39. Photo: Channel Nine (supplied).
MAFS bride Jo was paired with luxury car dealer James on the 2021 season. Photo: Channel Nine (supplied).

MAFS star 'loses job' over vaccine

On Thursday, barber Jo took to Instagram to announce that she'd lost her job at a shop in the Melbourne suburb of Karingal 'over a vaccine'.

"I'm jumping on here to reach out to all my regular clients and to the mums with the kids [whose] haircuts I used to do in Karingal," she said in the video.

"I won't be going back to that shop anymore. I never thought that I would lose my job over a vaccine," she added.

Jo, who is a single mum to three boys, went on to reveal that she had set up her own barber space at her home where she would be 'happy' to see clients regardless of their vaccination status.

"The positive thing is that I've set up my own barber space so anyone that I used to cut, or anyone who isn't getting the vaccine, please hit me up and I'll be happy to cut your hair.

"The new rules are that you aren't allowed to go to a barbershop without being vaccinated so I am happy to take the vaccinated or the unvaccinated and still cut your hair."

At no point did Jo disclose her personal vaccination status, however, in the video caption — which read "Let's be kind" — she also included the hashtag "#choice".

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