MAFS bride speaks out on mum's 'awful' reaction

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MAFS mother-in-law Rina tells producers she hates the show
Connie's mum Rina didn't hold back. Photo: Nine

A mother-in-law with plenty to say stole the show on MAFS last night, but daughter Connie has defended her mum amidst the backlash.

Connie’s mum Rina burst into laughter and offered a scathing assessment of the show when her daughter announced her decision to participate in the experiment, a reaction that landed her in hot water with fans.

“I can’t stand that show,” the British mum said when Connie broke the news on last night’s episode.

“I think it’s ridiculous and catty.”

Fans slam mum’s ‘awful’ reaction

A visibly deflated Connie tugged at fans’ heartstring, and many were quick to condemn the mum.

“Well... Connie’s mum is awful,” one wrote on Twitter.

Another branded her an ‘ice maiden’.

One wondered if she was the overbearing sort.

Tweet "Connies mum, helicopter parent?"
Photo: Twitter

Another had a slightly more nuanced reflection on the whole thing.

I like Connie, her mum not so much. Connie wants support and her mum just couldn't care less."
Photo: Twitter

Connie defends mum

MAFS bride Connie breaks news to mum
Connie defended her mum. Photo: Nine

Connie herself told TV Week her mum’s reaction surprised her, but took time to defend her mum’s intentions.

“It was quite deflating,” she told the magazine, but added her mum was just being ‘protective’.

“She really is a good mum,” Connie insisted.

Some agree, with certain fans applauding her mum for speaking the truth in a scathing interview with producers.

“I can’t stand your show,” Rina told the producers, saying last year’s season was ‘an experiment that went wrong’.

“I think this show can be quite manipulating.”

“I mean Connie's mum wasn't wrong about (MAFS) being heavily edited and manipulated. I wouldn't want someone I love appearing on the show,” another agreed.

“Connie’s mum is just saying what we all think about Married at First Sight,” a third wrote.

With Connie and Jonethen’s match largely applauded by fans, and the honeymoon to come, it remains to be seen if Rina is on the money, or if she will be eating her words.

MAFS mother-in-law smiles with head on side
Some fans were on Rina's side. Photo: Nine

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