MAFS' Brent hits out at Daniel before boxing match: 'Never liked him'

The tension is heating up between former MAFS grooms Daniel Holmes and Brent Vitiello, with the pair set to settle their differences in a boxing match later this year.

On Monday, Daniel announced the fight by posting a heavily edited photo of himself towering over Brent while wearing boxing gloves and shorts, simply captioned “October 15th.” It wasn’t long before Brent hit back, accusing Daniel of being a 'keyboard warrior'.

On the left, MAFS star Brent Vitiello takes a photo of himself, on the right a heavily edited photo of Daniel Holmes towering over Brent Vitiello in boxing outfits
MAFS stars Brent Vitiello and Daniel Holmes are going head to head in a massive showdown. Photo: Instagram/brentleon_ & _danielholmes_

“I’ve never liked him, I won’t now and I probably won’t later. I’m not going to sit there and talk smack like he has, I’m not a keyboard warrior,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Referring to the photo that Daniel posted on Instagram, the star brushed off the insult by saying: “I’m not going to keep photos of him, like he does with me, on his camera roll so he can make cute little photos. If that makes him feel bigger about himself.”


Fans were also quick to defend Brent in the comments, with one writing, “Photo editing won’t help you win a fight mate,” while another added, “What is this photo and why does it exist?”

The star explained that Daniel was looking for a boxing opponent but refused to fight fellow groom Mitch Eynaud, so he jumped at the chance.

“He’d already backed down from Mitch because Mitch was a professional boxer. Then he posted that he wouldn’t fight anyone from our season, so I took it upon myself to step in,” Brent explained.

On the left, Daniel Holmes wearing a boxing glove, on the right Brent Vitiello posing for the camera
The reality TV stars are getting ready to settle their differences in the ring. Photo: Instagram/_danielholmes_ & brentleon__

In May, Daniel admitted to the Daily Mail that he previously suffered from a steroid addiction and had been taking the drug for almost a decade. He praised his girlfriend Carolina Santos for helping him get clean after Married At First Sight was over.

Brent couldn’t resist taking a jab at his opponent’s past drug addiction and came out swinging. “He can take all the steroids in the world he wants, cause I just don’t care,” Brent started.

“I’ll keep it classy… we’ll talk in the ring. It’s a sport, it’s important for people to know it’s a sport, do it properly. We’ll settle it there.”

Brent and Ella's romance has ended

This comes after Yahoo LIfestyle revealed that Brent and Ella Ding's rumoured romance has officially come to an end. Despite sparks initially flying between the pair, they have both mutually agreed to simply remain as friends now the whirlwind has calmed down.

A source told us: “They naturally gravitated towards each other as the show aired for support, then they got caught up in all of the rumours as fans speculated they were together.

“However, after spending the past couple of weeks apart, they've both decided to just remain as friends. There are no hard feelings and no one is heartbroken, they both just realised the romance wasn't really there.”

A picture of Al Perkins, Brent, and Ella, sitting at a table in a restaurant.
Fans were hoping that Brent and Ella would get together after the show. Photo: Instagram/brentleon__

Rumours first emerged that Brent and Ella had recoupled when they were spotted together at the beach on Valentine’s Day, before holding a joint birthday party in Sydney.

The couple, who have been affectionally known as ‘Brella’, also headed on a romantic getaway to Port Douglas last month.

Since then, Ella has been busy preparing to launch her and Domenica's podcast, Sit With Us, while Brent has been travelling across the US with Al Perkins.

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