MAFS boss slams 'fame-hungry' cast ahead of new season

A 2023 participant has said they were mis-sold a dream of becoming a 'massive TV star'.

A spokesperson for Married At First Sight has hit back at ‘fame-hungry’ participants who blame production when they fail to become overnight celebrities.

Mark Kiley, a cast member who appeared on the UK version of the hit reality show this year, recently admitted he was devastated that his time on MAFS didn’t make him a “massive TV star” after he quit his job to film the series.

MAFS UK groom Mark Kiley.
MAFS UK groom Mark Kiley says he quit his job before filming in the hopes of becoming a ‘massive TV star’. Photo: E4

“I thought I’d be living the high life, going to events, doing lots of Instagram stuff and that life would be better after being on the show,” he told The Sun.

“I know it was my choice but it felt like I was mis-sold this dream that it would work and I would say goodbye to my normal life… Before I thought, ‘This is great, I could have a husband and a better career’ but now I don’t have either. It seems like it was all just talk and I was promised a lot more than I was actually given.”

Mark, who currently has 26,000 followers on Instagram, added that he has since returned to his old workplace but in a different role with a £7,000 pay cut.


A spokesperson for British network Channel 4, which produces the UK version of the show, has since responded to Mark’s comments about fame, telling The Sun: “All contributors are thoroughly prepped for the experience of being on Married at First Sight UK, a prominent TV reality series.

“We stress to all cast that the series should not be seen as a vehicle to gain fame or celebrity and warn against unrealistic expectations of this nature.”

Behind-the-scenes of the 2024 MAFS Australia reunion.
MAFS Australia’s 2024 cast was recently spotted filming the show’s reunion in Sydney. Photo: Supplied

MAFS Australia 2024

The surprising statement will act as a brutal warning to the participants on the upcoming eleventh season of Married At First Sight Australia, which is expected to start airing on Nine next month.

Yahoo Lifestyle spotted the new cast reuniting in Sydney two weeks ago to film the show’s explosive reunion, and is told many are already “setting up media deals” to “try to launch themselves as influencers”.

An insider told us: “Half of the cast have already reached out to potential [celebrity] managers and previous cast participants for advice on becoming stars.”

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